LOOK Magazine – March 1, 1938 – Most Beautiful Chinese Girl


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Chinese woman holding bloody dagger.

– Criminals are rats, by J. Edgar Hoover.
– The world’s most beautiful Chinese girl, Anna May Wong.
– Full page photo of little Charles Kingsford-Smith, Jr. sitting in the cockpit of the “Southern Cross” plane in which his father flew around the world.
– Crazy series of photos of movie stuntmen driving a motorcycle with sidecar off the end of a pier.
– Arthur Murray shows How to Dance the Shag, lots of photos.
– Norman Bel Geddes, city designer and more, from Adrian, Michigan, a very creative man.
– Another wild series of photos, this showing a car roll-over done for a movie “Bobbed Hair”, but it rolled too far and took out a cameraman, stunt driver Red Thompson.
– Ooooh La La! Ziegfeld girls, photo essay, includes Hazel Forbes, Mae Murray, Catherine Moylan, Fanny Brice, Ruby Keeler, Virginia Bruce, Jessie Reed, Marion Davies, Peggy Hopkins, Barbara Stanwyck, Lina Basquette, Katherine Burke, Dorothy Brown Fox, Irene Delroy, Billie Burke, Gilda Gray and Billie Dove and others – big piece, many “then and now” pairs of photos.
– A full page of photos and brief follow-ups of people who were in the news earlier, such as Mrs. Darius King and Mrs. Esther Ann Morgan (still getting pensions from the war of 1812), Mary McLeod Bethune (started Negro college), and more.
– Western Reserve University teaches the Ten Commandments for Secretaries, from today’s point of view this is very sexist.
– America’s dog heroes, owners include Mildred L. Stuart of LaGrande, Mrs. Charles H. Whiting of Rapid City, Mrs. Emil Skoog of Tacoma, Mrs. C. A. Jenner of Sutherland, Harry Drennan of Buck Hills, more.
– An attractive black with white Chevrolet ad.
– Whoppers – proving that pictures do tell lies, like photoshop retouching.
– Choosing make-up and hair style to fit your face shape, in color.
– The sport of Hurlling.
– Early flying pioneer Otto Lilienthal and two of his gliders.
– A German ski instructor makes an indoor ski teaching facility with overturned scrub brushes instead of snow for learners.
– Neat photo of patient being lowered into the baths in Bath, England.
– Actress Deanna Durbin wants to be an Old Maid.
– Pilgrims at Lourdes.
– Cool photos of William Kirk doing a headstand on top of a pylon in Chapeltown, England to win a bet.
– New baby announcements.
– Photocrime, Solve it yourself, the Case of the Jealous nurse.
– Italian war propaganda for the Ethiopian war, Spanish loyalist propaganda, Spanish Fascist propaganda, today’s propaganda against war.
– German quadruplets, four girls, Ewald Zimmerlein from near Kronach, Germany.