LOOK Magazine – June 8, 1937 – Hara-Kiri


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Lion with cub.

– Pictures of strange Japanese suicide customs, Hara-Kiri, Seppuku, actual photos of it happening.
– Full page photo of a Chinese dentist pulling a tooth, obviously without any pain relief.
– Full page with two big photos of the Shroud of Turin with the face of Christ.
– Models at work, a good piece, some of the named models are Esther Gaylord, Irene Dyar, Betty Marr, Helen MacGregor, Barbara Bradford, Martha Stephenson, Sally Rhynas, Rose Anne Murray, Betty Williams, Betty McLaughlin, Celestine Gheen, Gay Hayden, more.
– A psychologist explains your dreams.
– Accidents at home and how to prevent them.
– Gypsies seal a wedding vow with blood, includes Petulengro.
– South American Indians torture a white woman to death, Peru, rubber plantation.
– Great pair of photo pages of serious technical rock climbing, includes Tyrolean traverse in the Dolomites, a significant chimneying line, crazy lead climb with no protection (just a dangling rope), and more.
– Very different golfing in the Belgian congo in Central Africa, near Elizabethville, Panda Club and Benguela Railway players.
– Also a golfing photo from Scotland (?) with a pony as caddy, Len Harvey, Northwick Park golf course.
– Strange inventions.
– COLOR two page center spread photo that looks colorized, Ethel du Pont in a yellow swimsuit.
– The shocking George Bernard Shaw.
– Suits for walking in fire, asbestos suits for fire fighting, firemen.
– Madame Suzanne Garola is murdered on the train between Lyons and Nice, a mystery.
– Mrs. Wallis Simpson and David Windsor, Prince of Wales.
– Sharks, including photos of human hand and arm collected from belly of shark.
– Myrna Loy and William Powell, America’s favorite honeymooners, eight full pages of photos.
– The correct collar for your shape and face.
– Full page photo of a few G.A.R. Grand Army of the Republic (union) veterans.
– Back cover is 2/3 a colorized photo of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing.