LOOK Magazine – June 6, 1961 – Prince Charles


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Very Good
(Southeast Edition)
Good (Central Edition OR Mid-Atlantic Edition.  Please tell me which you prefer.)


Look Magazine Cover : Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

– Laos, a full report in color, plus a report on Hong Kong with an excellent photo of the U.S. aircraft carrier Bennington.
– And a report on Formosa and Quemoy.
– The dessert diet (don’t we wish), cheese, wine, fruit, bread.
– The artwork, drawings of Prince Charles depict his world, his parents.
– Full page Mutual of New York MONY insurance ad with architect Harold Tarleton of Greenville, South Carolina and MONY man Harold Goller.
– Full page Metropolitan Life insurance ad to avoid Drinking and Driving, with martini.
– Unusual full page color Western Electric ad with a tiny transistor being held in two white-gloved fingers.
– Full page color Campbell’s vegetable soup ad, who knew a green plate and bowl would set off the soup and sandwich so well.
– Nice full page color Conoco ad with mother and little girl in a red convertible, regional page.
– Living in an architect-designed trailer, John J. Whelan, mobile homes, regional pages.
– Wofford the Javelina (wild pig), Fort Worth Children’s Museum, John R. Preston, regional pages.
– The Year’s best sports pictures, among others are Football player Robert Riger covered with mud, Richie Powell in the Littlest Baseball league, young bull rider Rodney Goings falling from a Brahma bull, Jim Stein falling while water skiing, little Mary Casey playing tennis, more.
– The world of trout.
– Fashions : color photos of styles inspired by medieval clothing, neat!
– The advances of the last 25 years.
– The National Aeronautic Association Collier Trophy award goes to Vice-admiral William F. Raborn, Jr. for directing creation of the Polaris Missile weapon system, submarine George Washington.
– Baseball manager Casey Stengel, New York Yankees.
– 30 year old Gloria Schaffer is the State Senator for Connecticut.
– Full page color Canadian Club ad with Mark Lyons surfing.

NOTE : The West Central Edition has pages  54a-54d and 58a-58d, and includes Home is the Trailer, Wofford the Javelina, Conoco ad.

NOTE : The Mid-Atlantic Edition has pages 54a-54f and 58a-58f, and includes Home is the Trailer, Wofford the Javelina.

NOTE : The Pacific Edition has pages 54a-54f and 58a-58f, and includes Home is the Trailer, Wofford the Javelina, Two page Burgermeister beer ad, Full page color Shasta soda ad and more ads.

NOTE : The Central Edition has pages 54a-54d and 58a-58d, and includes Wofford the Javelina, Home is the trailer, and some ads.

NOTE : The Southeast Edition has pages 54a-54b and 58a-58b, and includes Wofford the Javelina, and some ads.