LOOK Magazine – June 29, 1971 – Peddling of Sex


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Very Good


Look Magazine Cover : Mostly-naked woman wearing long hair and coin dispenser belt.

– The peddling of sex, will the booming of this dirty business lead to Puritanism?, includes funny full page photo of a book with every other word censored out.
– Why you can’t get a doctor.
– A car thief talks about stealing your car, Melvin Cameron currently in the state prison in Jackson, MIchigan.
– Full page New York Life insurance ad with worried looking man with two little children at the zoo, Do not Feed or Annoy Animals.
– Full page color Eve cigarettes ad with emphasis on pretty, Monarch butterfly in background.
– Full page 1971 Chevrolet Nova ad with 1968, 1969 and 1970 models in background.
– Letters to the editor pertaining to Cook County hospital (LOOK May 18, 1971).
– Full page Toyota ad featuring Vic Tennison, Yucca Valley, California.
– The In The Know section includes a photo and small clip on Raschid, Collin Rognlie of San Anselmo and Paradise.
– The doctor shortage, why it is difficult to find a doctor, includes a map with number of people per doctor.
– A big feature on New York City’s Rescue Company 1, this looks like firefighters and first responders together, Tom Baldwin, Phil Rega, Bill Curran, Jim McCarthy, Bill Bessman, Frank De Bellis are mentioned in the article, but most photos do not have captions.
– Massage parlors become a convenient front for prostitution, includes the Tiki-Tiki parlor in Falls Church, Virginia, owner Bob Kisley, Los Angeles Classic Cat, more.
– Legal prostitution spreads in Nevada, Mustang Bridge Ranch, Joe Conforte boss.
– Neat full page 7up ad for a contest to win a classic reproduction car.
– Two page Canadian Club whisky ad for the buried case left of St. Helena island.
– Marriage, the new natural way, back to nature weddings, Reverend William Gold, Laura Jones, Carl Cummings, Brent Heath, VCU combo, Ronald Lyles, Ellwood Wheatley II, Sonny Salsbury, Pat Cummings, Lyn Smith, Charles McLeod, Jane Cunningham, more – very nice piece.
– How to make a criminal out of a child, sending kids to jail – excellent coverage.
– Blues singer B. B. King.
– Two page AT&T ad with full page photo of man using emergency telephone along the highway.
– Full page color Elitch’s amusement park in Denver ad, pink 80 cents, Regional M page.
– Full page TWA airlines ad for new Ambassador service, Regional M page.
– Making the Olympic team for swimming, story about Deena Deardurff, Cindy Plaisted, Sherman Chavoor, Sue Attwood, Barbie Darby, George Haines, Arnold, Nancy, Lenore and Mark Spitz.
– Room 222, new television show, with Karen Valentine, includes photo of her riding a little motorcycle, Regional M pages.
– A movie about roller derbies, “Derby.”
T section, when present, may include the following and more ads.
– Ford Ranchero car ad, Sass and Class, including wood-sided model with horse.