LOOK Magazine – June 29, 1943 – Jungle Hospital M*A*S*H


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Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Artwork of General Arnold, painting by Ray Prohaska.

– Hitler wants Italy out of the war.
– Will your husband’s furlough be happy?, do’s and don’t’s.
– Women war workers can be glamorous, Josephine Passe, every day in her week.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Murder in the Stable.
– # 11 in cartoonist series, George Baker, Cartoons from the magazine Yank, Sad Sack.
– War is teaching Americans to appreciate fish as food, seafood, the Russell S. fishing boat out of Stonington, Connecticut, Carl Johnson, John Hindle, and the boat the William B.
– America dances, includes Cheyenne Mountain Dancers.
– Feature on General Hap Arnold.
– Half page color Rum and Maple cigarettes ad, maple syrup.
– Actress Carole Landis, great photos of her with her Great Dane dog.
– Jungle hospital, New Guinea, mobile medical center, MASH, William Charles Simon of Taylor, Washington, C. S. Szely, John B. Morey, Charles Appleberry, Leonard Stalker, Bill Simon, Arnold M. Maahs.
– Amazing page and a half photo, end of a troopship, transport ship, men going over the side on ropes.
– Our family, chapter 22, The Hochs keep fit, nice photo of mom and dad on bicycles, more.
– Short piece on musician Lionel Hampton.
– Boxing champion Jimmy Bivins, Cobra Clouter.
– Movie review : Mission to Moscow.
– Full page color Jantzen swim suits ad.