LOOK Magazine – June 28, 1955 – Liz Taylor


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Really pretty photo of Elizabeth Taylor with her baby son and her older son.

– Rather cute (if dated) Bell Telephone ad with five older ladies on a remote road with a flat tire and a telephone man up the pole, Not a man in Sight.
– Creepy full page movie poster ad for “Not as a stranger”, with red.
– Small photo and mention of Phyllis Keller who was voted All America City Queen by Richfield, Minnesota.
– Full page color Borden’s Dutch Chocolate milk ad with little boy sipping from over-filled glass.
– Full page color Skotch Grill and Skotch Kooler ad, nice compact idea.
– LOOK magazine applauds Altro Work Shop in New York, medical patients get to feel useful and also can earn some money, speeds healing.
– Curious full page color Motoramic Chevrolet ad with blue and white sedan on freeway and police man standing outside his car in speed trap position, waving in a friendly manner to passersby.
– Why President Eisenhower doesn’t want a second term.
– Cartoonist Sam Berman draws Washington’s ten most powerful men.
– Nice piece on Elizabeth Taylor and her family.
– What is justice for a tortured soldier?, by William Lowe, Korean war, captured by Chinese soldiers, with striking art by Leonard Jossel (good signature), Yalu, Pyongyang, Ambrose H. Nugent, Frank H. Schwable, a chilling account.
– Full page color Campbell’s tomato juice ad with absolutely luscious art of a bushel of tomatoes.
– Two page color Chrysler ad with family washing a Windsor sedan, parents, four boys and a black and white puppy.
– A simple surgical fix is restoring hearing to many deaf people, Doctor Samuel Rosen, New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Stapes operation.
– Full page Union Oil Company ad with Dr. Norman Ch’in, Norman Chin, Sulfur Recovery Unit at Los Angeles refinery.
– Another bright and vivacious Viv ad for lipstick by Toni.
– Two page movie poster ad for “This Island Earth” with list of some of the theaters showing it.
– Pantry trousseau 1955, a kitchen hope chest for the soon-to-be-married.
– Half page color Kleinert swim caps ad with two extremely cute hats!
– Charming full page color Sunbeam bread ad with little blond girl in blue dress at a picnic.
– OK, this is a funny one : portable entertainment, family lugging a full size television, phonograph and radio along the beach and on a hike in the woods, Michael, Judy, Lucy and Frank Perron of New Canaan, Connecticut and a California family, plus other portable entertainment, bike with built-in radio, pocket transistor radio, more.
– Lovely full page color Catalina beach clothes ad with art of whole family dressed in matching fabric, a blue and green plaid.
– Full page color Sunshine Honey Grahams ad with two boys playing pirate on the beach.
– Burt and Susie Todd of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania honeymoon in Bhutan, they were the first Americans to enter the country, guests of Prime Minister Jigmie Dorji, after trip they imported a Bhutanese man Matay to be their houseman, Ha Dzong, Paro Dzong, Druk Gyalpo Jigme Wang-chuk (King of Bhutan), and they shot a leopard.
– Southern newspaper editor Hodding Carter, tells what happened to him after exposing the “White Citizen Councils” (LOOK Magazine March 22, 1955).
– Fashions : really crazy beach hats with long streamers like a hula skirt, and matching beach clothes meant for easy striping to swim suit, also beach burnoose, a wearable tent for changing.
– Three quarter’s page ad for Yodora deodorant.
– How much do we know about Adolescence? by Peter Blos.
– Full page color De Beers diamonds ad with art by Charles Rain.
– Producer Larry Puck and singer Marion Marlowe are a love story in person.
– Baseball player Duke Snider of the Brooklyn Dodgers team.