LOOK Magazine – June 27, 1967 – Liz & Richard


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Very Good


Look Magazine Cover : Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

– Full page color White Owl cigar ad, spoof on “Uncle Sam Wants You” poster, woman in feathered white outfit.
– A troubling voyage to North Vietnam, the Phoenix goes to Haiphong, Quaker action group, Ivan Massar.
– “The Power of Blackness,” photo essay by Bruce Davidson of resiliency of black Americans.
– Is the race problem insoluble?
– Full page Mutual of New York MONY insurance ad with Frank Martz Henry, bus company owner, and Con McCole, MONY man.
– Russia’s five-year fashion leap, color fashion images photographed in Moscow, 7 pages.
– Big pitch by a baseball baby, 19-year-old Byron Von Hoff faces big decisions this summer, minor league workouts, looming draft.
– Six pages with color photos of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on location.
– President’s social secretary, Elizabeth (Bess) Clements Abell.
– Photos of the living room of Tiffany & Co board chairman Walter Hoving, designer William Pahlmann.
– Why not a draft to get new teachers?
– Film director Robert Mulligan uses local kids in “Up the Down Staircase,” Jose Rodriguez, Jeff Howard, Ellen O’Mara, more, Regional M pages.
– Humorous new menswear fashions with Mexican flair, with David Williams and Roger Clark, Regional M page.
– A visit with the King and Queen of Thailand, 6 pages, color photos.