LOOK Magazine – June 27, 1944 – Stalin


Magazine Condition Choices :

A central crease is common on covers of this age due to how they were mailed.


LOOK Magazine Cover : Josef Stalin, painted by Carolyn Edmundson.

– The new Harry Hopkins.
– Nice full page American Railroads ad telling people to expect wartime crowding.
– Photocrime, Murder backstage. (Solve it yourself).
– Neat full page one color Scotch tape ad with art by Bill Randall.
– The story of Bill Dougherty, Alben Keep, Don Whitehead and John Daly and the first American shell into Italy.
– Cartoonist Frank Beaven.
– Full page color Drene Shampoo ad.
– Meet the people section includes travelers Mrs. Richard Wells, Mrs. Harry Mills., Mrs. Harry Hatfield, Mrs. Lawrence Martin, Mrs. Kenneth Skobba.
– Inside Occupied Greece, behind German lines, living with guerrillas.
– Barbara Ann, Mother’s little helper.
– Correspondent Raymond Clapper, part 2.
– Very pretty full page color photo of Ballerina Irina Baronova.
– Glens Falls, New York, typical American hometown, with Mrs. Edward Bemis, Marjorie Cutler, Mrs. Joseph Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Bigelow, family of Harold Levack, Dick Crannell, Edward Quinlan, others.
– Wonderful black and white photos of summer life.
– Henry McLemore tells what it is like to be an Infantry man in the US Army.
– Singer and Actress Frances Langford.
– Alexander Fleming, discoverer of Penicillin.