LOOK Magazine – June 24, 1969 – Smothers Brothers


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Look Magazine Cover : The Smothers brothers.

– Charles, Prince of Wales, as described by Lord Snowdon and Richard Burton.
– Three fitness experts tell how to exercise in all seasons, Miss Craig at Elizabeth Arden, Kounovsky’s gym, Manya Khan, photos of Susan Kahn, Marni Moore, Vidal Sassoon, Beverly Sassoon.
– The Smothers brothers, who controls TV?, were they unduly censored?
– Full page General Electric ad showing window air conditioners in different colors.
– Two page Shell ad showing graduates, encouraging them to become service station dealers.
– Full page American Express Travelers Cheques ad with John Jamison.
– Full page color Antique Bourbon Whiskey ad with bottles under water spigots.
– Another horrible Sungard ad showing a terribly half-burned (sunburn) woman with short dark hair.
– The movie “Midnight Cowboy” with Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman.
– Israel is between terror and hope, long piece, many photos.
– Guilty?, The Victims, Part III, by Bernard Lefkowitz and Kenneth G. Gross, includes Ricky Robles, Nathan Delaney, Patrick Lappin, more.
– Two page movie poster ad for “The Wild Bunch” with Ernest Borgnine and others.
– New York’s mayor John Vliet Lindsay.
– Full page Bryant air conditioning ad showed terribly crowded beach, Regional M page.
– Paul Soglin, 24 years old, is an Alderman for the big city of Madison, Wisconsin, Wendy Wallis, Regional M Pages.
– Full page color Maxwell House coffee ad with Mrs. Paschen, Maria Tallchief, Regional M page.
Lucille Ball adds her son and daughter to her television series, Desi Arnaz Jr., Lucie Arnaz, Regional M pages.
– Full page Volkswagen ad with Father Aloysius Bittman, VW bug.
– Boxer Joe Frazier, six state champion.
NOTE : Pages 47-54 is a small advertising pull-out in center of magazine, it may not be present in all copies, please ask ahead of time if you need it.