LOOK Magazine – June 16, 1953 – McCarthyism, Anti-Communism


Magazine Condition Choices :


Cover : Joe McCarthy.
– Full page color movie poster ad for Young Bess.
– Full page color McGregor men’s swim suits ad with art of very studly man.
– Small photo and follow-up letter pertaining to the “battle against sin” in Anderson, Indiana (LOOK February 26, 1952).
– A notice from the publishers that the magazine Quick will be absorbed by Look starting with the next issue.
– LOOK applauds Stephen Galatti and American Field Service exchange students, and Daisy Ann Originals, clothing manufacturer that is committed to teaching the disabled a trade.
– Full page color Chevrolet ad with red Bel Air convertible on beach, art by Austin Briggs.
– Cartoonist Ding Darling, Jay Norwood Darling decorates the outside of the University Library at State University of Iowa.
– Handsome two page color General Motors ad the Le Mans, Parisienne, Starfire, Corvette and Wildcat cars.
– Senator Joseph McCarthy is one of the most controversial and influential citizens of the US, anti-communist.
– The play “Me and Juliet” is now on Broadway.
– Full page color Borden’s Buttermilk ad.
– Two page Ford Motor Company ad, The American Road, with art by Norman Rockwell of man repairing his little old car in the house, The Revolution that started in a shed at night.
– Another super full page color Texaco Fire Chief ad with the five Dalmatian puppies, playing in the water with an inner tube, Great Going!
– Jeanette Hulsey is winning her long battle with arthritis, Georgia, winning through artificial joints and crutches.
– Adlai Stevenson gives his 3rd report from abroad, the fight for freedom in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Malaya, Thailand, Burma.
– Full page International Nickel Company INCO ad with boy and dog looking longingly at polluted pond, art by Elliott.
– Prefabricated pinafores, specially printed fabric to be cut and sewn, includes Mary Sherwood, Holly Sherwood.
– A Nantucket vacation with the William von Zehle family, the John Mellin family, very nice long piece comparing two different kinds of vacation there.
– Aerial photo of 2056 white pelicans in a swamp near Venice, Louisiana.
– Tax road versus Toll road.
– Half page Auto-Lite ad with Kate Smith look-alike Catherine Woods of Sunnyside.
– Ventriloquist Paul Winchell and his dummy Jerry.
– Hollywood stunt men are “Idiots for hire”, includes Johnny Daheim, Carey Loftin on motorcycle, Harvey Parry, Fred Gabourie, others not named.
– If you’re getting married, don’t expect a life-long honeymoon, drawings by Joe Kaufman.
– Primitive style painters, Clementine Hunter, Dame Cosmy Hulitar, Isidor Sommer, Esther Hamerman, Israel Litwak.
– Movie review of Young Bess with Jean Simmons.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad with art by Haddon Sundlom, 82 in series, preview of the wedding gifts.
– Cold soups.
– Some prominent players from Broadway name their favorite “Big Scenes”, includes full page color photo of Sheree North.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Hand of Death.
– Baseball pitcher Robin Roberts, with demonstrations of the different pitches.
– Full page color 7up Fresh up ad with cute little boy playing in blow-up plastic pool.