LOOK Magazine – June 15, 1971 – Tricia Nixon Marries


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Look Magazine Cover : Richard Nixon and his daughter Tricia Nixon.

– Father and the bride, the president Nixon’s firstborn marries Edward F. Cox, pre-marriage article.
– Beyond the pill, three easier ways to safer and easier birth control, including progesterone-only minipills, new IUD, prostaglandins.
– Ball Five!, Jim Bouton’s sizzling follow-up to “Ball Four”, baseball player now in television.
– Full page Boeing ad for the 747 airplane.
– The youth of Israel (they are pro-war) and the coming explosion, includes Ronni Lotan, Black Panthers, Assaf Dayan, Danela Toledano, Roma Roitman.
– American wine, wine lovers, grapes.
– Two page color Polaroid ad with five different cameras, 450, 420, 440, 430, and Big Shot.
– Ann-Margaret is the lead in “Carnal Knowledge”, feature article includes photo of her on her chopper motorcycle built by Dan Haggerty.
– Public education is failing miserably in most of our inner-city schools, includes good teacher Frances Butcher, student Darryl Walker, teacher Ollie Wash, Phyllis Peltz.
– The worst massacre, 3,000 Vietnamese who disappeared from Pnompenh.
– Full page ad for Radio Free Europe, bring censored press to Eastern Europe, Regional M page.
– The de-escalation of Dr. Louis Gerber, moved to La Luz near Albuquerque to retire in a place where they were the only retirees, Regional M pages.
– The movie “Bananas” with Woody Allen and Louise Lasser.
T section, when present, may include the following and more ads.
– Papadopoulos gets panned, Aegean cruise makes waves, TSS Orion.
– The winning investor : how to succeed in the market without really buying, Theron P. Walker.