LOOK Magazine – June 15, 1943 – Balkans


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Charming little girl holding her dog, Cheryl Archer and Lazybones, LOOK’s Cover Girl.

– Inside the Balkans, a guide for U.S. soldiers.
– The murder of Monty Woolley, a Photocrime by Alfred Hitchcock.
– Cute little photo of the children of Ben Rosenkrantz repairing a tire.
– Small photo of Mrs Ralph J. Detwiler, Fort Collins, Colorado, driving a little battery powered car, she had polio and can’t walk.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Murder blows a fuse.
– Full page American Export Lines ad with little boy looking at big ship, art by Courtney Allen.
– Another excellent General Motors diesel power ad with color illustration of brown and orange Great Northern train, locomotive number 5701.
– Short story about artists from the Society of Illustrators visiting the Club every week to draw portraits of servicemen, includes Maurice Huntley, Basile Moldovan, George William Mitchell, Fersel Taylor, Paul Beatty, Foo King.
– Hirohito is guilty, by Hallett Abend.
– # 4 in Fighters on the Home Front series, War comes to a Society woman, Barbara Holmes Drum, of Far Hills, New Jersey, working a farm.
– With American soldiers in Tunisia, quotes from Winfield Doner, Mike Bereznick, Bernard Peretti, Horace Dering, Ray Guinn, and many others.
– Awesome Fisher armament ad with art by Dean Cornwell, “Nice goin’, baby.”
– “It’s up to you”, a show put on by the Department of Agriculture to teach housewives about rationing.
– Feature on Humphrey Bogart.
– The new chicken raising rush, and eggs.
– Test Pilot Herb Fisher.
– Full page Lifebuoy health soap ad in cartoon format.
– Two page cartoon by Carl Rose that features 84 of America’s favorite cartoon characters.
– # 25 in American Heroes series, Louis Hightower of Winnsboro, Texas, an M-4 tank battles 10 Nazi tanks in Tunisia, art by Herman Giesen.
– Full page color Western Electric ad, # 3 in series, Armored Force, art by R.
– Our family, Chapter 21, War marriage 1943, Marie Hock, Ray Raubers.
– How to have fun on foot, hiking (doesn’t use gas, equipment), Ira Jean Bales, Eileen Proffit, Rosalind Carty, Wylodene Butler.
– President of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch Rickey.
– The inside of an M-4 tank.
– Movie review : Crash Dive.
– Gorgeous full page color Jantzen swim suit ad, art by Pete Hawley.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Air Force ground crew and Jeanne Flaherty.