LOOK Magazine – June 14, 1955 – Class of 1955


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Jackie Gleason and Art Carney.

– Full page color Pepsi-Cola ad with woman in curious yellow, pink and black plaid pants, art by Levering.
– Full page Champion spark plugs ad with race car driver Jim Bryan.
– Full page color Jantzen sports clothes ad with men in Clan Plaids.
– LOOK Magazine applauds the Junior Champions program, host Marty Glickman with a long jumper, boys doing 50 yard dash in city street.
– The high school class of 1955 tells its view of the future, New Trier High School in Chicago, Thomas Allen, Tagg Bowman, David Corwine, Henry Stewart, Stuart Winston, David Roberts, Steve Hirsch, great piece.
– Hiroshima, Lest we forget, a follow-up piece on the city today, little child holding puppy, Kiyoshi Tanimoto, more.
– The comic Art Carney.
– How much do we know about marriage?, by Robert M. Goldenson.
– Is this the real flying saucer?, designs prepared by Thomas Turner from Republic Aviation.
– Fashions : Oriental influences, Marilyn Monroe, Mrs. Raymond Loewy, Jayne Meadows, Sono Osato, Shinichi Yuize, Katherine Cassidy.
– Doris Day plays Ruth Etting in “Love Me or Leave Me.”
– Reverend Reuben Youngdahl builds the biggest Lutheran Church in America, Mt. Olivet Lutherna Church in Minneapolis.
– Farm foods in city-slicker ways.
– The same Cheez Whiz ad as in LOOK April 19, 1955, but this one is fully colored and not as striking.
– Captain Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret.
– How Herbert Hoover rules the FBI.
– Cute little cartoons by Bill Charmatz, showing various American Dream Vacations.
– WOW!, flashy full page color movie poster ad for “Son of Sinbad” with Dale Roberton.
– Peter H. Bailey shows how he packed three months of wardrobe in a single small suitcase.
– Full page color Four Roses whiskey ad with art of Evening on Beacon Hill, Boston.
– Boston Red Sox and manager Michael Higgins, baseball.
– Bright full page color Ford ad with red convertible car, Thunderbird, Trigger-Torque.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, Showing off the new power mower, 108 in series, art by Fred Siebel.
– June week at Annapolis, Jauncey Sweet, Linda LeHardy, wedding followed.
– Unusual full page color Seven-up 7up float ad with green bottle on yellow and orange background.