LOOK Magazine – June 11, 1957 – Frank Sinatra


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Arthur Godfrey in an airplane cockpit.

– Plane talk by Arthur Godfrey, aviation, air traffic control, Convair B-58, more.
– Can Baseball survive?, DeOrsey wants an overhaul of the sport.
– The Big School controversy, includes a push to go back to the three R’s.
– Full page Theradan ad, anti-dandruff shampoo.
– Full page movie poster ad for “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.
– Extremely curious two page ad for Mr. Stauffer’s Magic couch, a fat reducing appliance, includes Stella Sambrusky.
– Full page color Fresh Stick deodorant ad.
– What is a school? – feature article, includes Alice M. Birney Elementary School in Rivera, many wonderful photos of kids with first names, Peggy Stivers, designs of a number of school including May Valley, Wingate High, Nicolet High, Mattie L. Jones.
– Cute full page color Kodak ad with grandfather and grandson and little boat Andy.
– Very nice full page color Esso ad with fire engine and firemen.
– Full page color Fruit of the Loom ad with cartoon art by Al Capp.
– GREAT full page color Yankshire men’s clothing ad with art of men in rubber raft and mermaid on island.
– Gena Rowlands and husband John Cassavetes.
– Two page color Viceroy cigarettes ad with Mickey Mantle (baseball), Sam Snead (golf), Zoe Ann Olsen (diving) and Pancho Gonzales (tennis).
– Fashions, beach cover-ups.
– California fashions with Anna Kashfi, Taina Elg and Janet Lake.
– HA, I thought this was a perfume ad but it turns out to be for Armour Treet tinned meat.
– Italian cheeses.
– The life story of Frank Sinatra.
– Very cute full page color Butter Rum Lifesavers ad with pirate boy.
– Another curious Wings shirts ad, this one with water skier Jim Rusing.
– William Zeckendorf, Real Estate magnate.
– James Cagney plays Lon Chaney in “Man of a thousand faces.”
– The story behind the painting, Katsushika Hokusai.
– The hats of Princess Margaret.
– Littlest member of the wedding, Alpha Karen Stevens – photo essay.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Don Larsen, baseball pitcher.