LOOK Magazine – June 10, 1969 – The Wedding Racket


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Person in college graduation cap and tassel, plus gas mask.

– A bold plan to stop campus chaos.
– The wedding racket, why the father of the bride goes broke, with full page cartoon art by Edward Gorey and other small art – great piece!
– Cornelius Ryan remembers D-day.
– Rather cute Toyota Corolla ad, we’re quality oriented (with quality girl in bikini).
– Full page color Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe with grandma, parents, daughter, California license plate XWB 057, Ridiculously reasonable.
– Great Coppertone ad with Julie Newmar in gold swimsuit next to man in full diving gear.
– Full page color Mennon Protein 29 hair products ad.
– Full page American Express Travelers Cheques ad with Susan Daulton.
– Senior editor John Poppy writes on Violence and how we can end it.
– Full page Denver U.S. bank ad with art of woman in rose garden, Regional M page.
– Full page Full Service bank ad with head nurse Ruth Jamison.
– How to have a bloodless riot, Dr. Price Cobbs.
– Katharine Ross is an elegant tomboy, actress, The Graduate.
– Very nice De Beers diamonds ad with diamond superimposed over photo of badlands.
– Unusual and nice Prudential insurance ad with “The Rock” shape on a ring.
– The accused : the victims, Part II, by Bernard Lefkowitz and Kenneth G. Gross, about George Whitmore, Elba Borrero, Minnie Edmonds.
– Two page color Miss Clairol hair color ad for Black Azure.
– Funky fashions, food and carryalls for young nomads on the trail, Stephanie Farrow, Jim Kronen.
– Here is a dated ad! – for the benefits to children of Wonder bread and Hostess fruit pies.
– Young actor Mark Lester in the movie “Run Wild, Run Free”, Regional M pages
– Full page Ayds weight loss ad with Mary Marcinko Kane.
– Leonard Cohen, writer, poet, musician.
T section, when present, may include the following (and more ads) :
– Race car driver A. J. Foyt.
– Full page A. B. Dick copier, copy machine ad.
– Full page Arden for Men shaving supplies with sandalwood fragrance ad.
– Full page color Thorne’s Scotch ad with Steve MacAllen.
– One man’s meat is another man’s toxoplasmosis, a kind of food poisoning.