LOOK Magazine – June 1, 1971 – Howard Hughes


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Look Magazine Cover : Howard Hughes in 1939 and 1971.

– Big feature on the reclusive Howard Hughes, including how and why he fled Las Vegas.
– Do sports hurt your child?, organized sports such as football and baseball, including testing for athletic talent, runner Linda Gibbs, Diane Lockhart.
– Julie Christie and Warren Beatty are together at last.
– Are Mega-vitamins a wonder cure or a sorry waste?, with excellent full page color cartoon illustration by Marvin Mattelson.
– Rather cute full page color Coca-Cola ad showing the four seasons of Coke.
– Full page Allstate insurance ad with Alvin Green of San Diego and Mrs. Helen Harkins.
– Page and a half Jim Beam whiskey ad with Orson Welles and Rebecca Welles Moede.
– Very nice two page color TWA airline ad showing new Ambassador Service for coach passengers and first class, both, Regional M pages.
– Short pieces on artist Norman Sunshine, belly dancer Serena, pianist Gary Graffman, cook Shirley Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Stewart and the Dwight – York Preparatory school, Regional M page.
– Norman Rockwell in his 78th spring, among other things he is shown putting the finishing touches on the painting “Spring in Stockbridge”, which is repeated in a two page color spread.
– Full page color Campbell’s soup ad for Red Cow, which is beef broth mixed with tomato soup.
– Can a computer beat the horses?, The Wizard and betting on horse races, the Kel-Co calculator.
– Joseph Roddy writes a page of tribute to Igor Stravinsky, 1882-1971, composer.
– A psychiatrist talks about William L. Calley, Jr. who shot innocent Vietnamese, David Abrahamsen M.D.
– The Dump Richard Nixon campaign, by Donald W. Riegle, Jr. and Allard K. Lowenstein.
– Unusual beach houses that look like sand castles, rounds and squares, Richard Saul Wurman architect, includes home of Alan and Ellen Salke, Long Beach.
– Trumpet player Alan Lee Kirkendall, with girl friend Bobette, Regional M pages.
– Two page Pan Am airlines ad with neat photo from 1939 of the Pan Am Dixie Clipper, Regional M pages.
– The movie “Speed” about Remy and Pammie and drug addiction, Jacqueline Bisset and Michael Sarrazin.
– Andrew Gerald Perenchio, sports promoter.
– NOTE : Pages 45-56 are a small “Beachcombers’ Happy Hour Barguide” insert : it is not always present, ask ahead of time if you need it.