LOOK Magazine – July 9, 1968 – Rural American Dream


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


Look Magazine Cover : Hubert Humphrey

– Cute full page ad, “Wanted” poster for the Frito Bandito.
– The American Dream is not dead, by Eric Sevareid, photo essay, 9 pages of rural America.
– Cute full page Bryant ad (air conditioning) with three little tots playing outside with a tub of water, Regional M page.
– The World Still Moves Our Way, by Eric Sevareid.
– The Bob Kennedy We Knew by Warren Rogers and Stanley Tretick, photos of the last hours before his assassination.
– This Is Humphrey, with portrait illustration by Norman Rockwell.
– Tapping the resources of the ghetto, Harold Davis is premed student at Wesleyan University on scholarship from Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Inc.
– Color photos, Shirley MacLaine as Sweet Charity.
– It’s okay to cry in the office, a new era in industry.
– Full page color ad for movie “Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?” with Doris Day, Robert Morse, more.
– Red Schoendienst, The Prime Cardinal, baseball, Regional M pages.
– New York’s nuttiest rich kid, Cathy Macauley.