LOOK Magazine – July 8, 1947 – Beach Fun


Magazine Condition : Good (may be a bit worn on spine)

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LOOK Magazine Cover : Mary Hartline, only 19 and already has her own radio show “Junior Junction” in Chicago.

– Full page Ipana toothpaste ad with Mrs. Frances Nalle Crider with children Amanda and Bobo.
– Cute little photo of Bennie Sapp of Eldorado, Illinois sharing soda with his puppy Snooky.
– Small photo of weight lifter Mrs. “Pudgy” Stockton of Santa Monica.
– Full page Bituminous Coal ad showing an Iron Lung, the ventilation system for a coal mine.
– Nice small piece on realtor Charles Knight of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
– Nice full page red movie poster ad for “Dear Ruth.”
– How did you become a clown?, photos in and out of make-up and answers from Emmett Kelly, John Nelson, Paul Jung, Polydare Mortier, Lou Jacobs, Harry Dann.
– Ross R. Wolfe of Stephenville, Texas is dying but still enjoying life.
– We can lose the next war in seven days, by Nat S. Finney.
– Harold Stassen talks world politics in Jefferson, Iowa, political campaigning, includes Ann Roche, Mrs. O. G. Clause, Willis York, Mrs. Guy Richardson.
– Fun on the beach, includes full page photo of very crowded Coney Island, looks horrible, lots of other great beach photos, super piece.
– Six different summer coolers, drinks, with color photos.
– Russia’s new serfdom, MVD, prisoners in new soviet system, Lucien Blit, Camp at Plesek.
– Operetta composer Sigmund Romberg, includes good photos of tours and more.
– Scale Models save industrialists thousands of dollars yearly, help solve problems ahead of time.
– Washington party to help rebuild a war-torn hospital at St. Lo, in France, nice photos of party.
– Artists capture sports action : Ferdinand Warren (baseball), Varnum Poor (hunting), Fletcher Martin (boxing), William C. Palmer (golf), Edward Hopper (yachting), Mahonri M. Young (harness horse racing).
– LOOK magazine’s psychoquiz : Do you feel secure?
– Triplets born via caesarian section, 16 pounds 5.5 ounces total baby weight!, Monte Sano Hospital in Los Angeles, photos show babies being born.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, After the Wedding by John Gannam.
– Paris and London fashions come to Chicago, via Marshall Field and Company, 28 shop.
– Full page yellow movie poster ad for Copacabana.
– Clark Gable back on top with “The Hucksters” includes a photo of him with a horse, but does not name the horse.
– Maine coast schooner cruise, Camden, Captain Frank Swift, Windjammer Fleet, Enterprise, Maggie, very nice piece with good photos.
– College election at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute includes beer, music and dancers in campaigns, Jules Meylan, Ronnie Ball.
– Dr. George Bach says your child needs a father to become a well-adjusted adult.
– A movie (Bringing Up Father) from the cartoon strip “Jiggs”, stars Joe Yule who is Mickey Rooney’s father.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Drive to Murder.
– Movie review of Great Expectations.
– The evolution of the motor bus.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Bob Hope.