LOOK Magazine – July 7, 1959 – Queen vs. Canadians


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Queen Elizabeth dancing.

– Full page ad for film “The Earth is Mine” with Rock Hudson, Jean Simmons.
– Hospitals can give patients a break by Leon Lewis, M.D. and Rose L. Coser, Ph.D.
– Two-year-old Billy Mowry has his tonsils out at San Francisco’s Mount Zion Hospital.
– Soprano from Iowa, Margherita Roberti.
– The Queen and the Canadians, why Canada resents Queen Elizabeth.
– Light-as-air summer clothes, ostrich feathers for fashion.
– Color photo feature, Nantucket clambake, bakemaster Earl Coffin, host Bob Deeley, islander Charles Sayle.
– Actress Dolores Hart and her poodle Pogo in New York, Central Park.
– Nixon considers Presidential race in 1960.
– Actor Edward Byrnes as Kookie of TV’s “’77 Sunset Strip”.
– Photoquiz – Dog breed identification.
– Hard times for coal families in the mid-USA, Omialee and Hiram Shelton family of Kenvir, Kentucky.
– Great full page color ad for movie Hercules starring Steve Reeves, “See heroic Hercules rip down the Age of Orgy’s lavish palace of lustful pleasure!”
– Will San Francisco Giants baseball player Orlando Cepeda surpass Willie Mays?
– Color photo essay, the paintings of Uccello.
– Follow-up photo essay of twins Craig and Scott Kuhner, Westport, Connecticut, now 17 years old.