LOOK Magazine – July 29, 1952 – Helicopters


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Pier Angeli (large photo), Basball player Sal Maglie (small photo), Criss-Cross sweater (small photo).

– Editorial about Grand Central station concerning time, space and Track 12.
– Scathing letter to the editor by Mrs. Bernice Ferguson of Teague, Texas pertaining to “A Negro’s Place.”
– Knitting the 5-way loop.
– Full page color Kodak snapshots ad with fishermen in a canoe on nice northern lake.
– The Democrats, feature piece.
– There is nothing like a Dane, traveling in Denmark, includes photos of Fourth of July festival near Alborg, cigars, windmill, many other places and activities.
– Full page Pan-Cake make-up ad with Jody Lawrance.
– Full page color Old Gold cigarettes ad with jockey at Santa Anita Park race track, California.
– Whirly Birds, Helicopters are now coming into their own with help from war in Korea, great photos of different types including Piasecki’s Work Horse.
– High tension in South Africa, apartheid, Torch Commandos, Prime Minister Malan.
– 25 year-old Dr. Jeanne Bradley, intern at George Washington University Hospital, William Nucker, arthritis, Mrs. Robert C. Crouch and new baby.
– Baseball player Salvatore Maglie, New York Giants.
– Jim Fuchs and the shot put, GREAT photos, he is on US Olympic team.
– Painter Zdzislaw Czermanski does humorous portraits of other famous painters.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, A Date with Death.
– Pier Angeli and twin sister Marisa Pavan, Pierangeli, with Patrizia and Duke (son of Lassie).
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, “First of the Home Grown Corn,” art by Douglass Crockwell, 71 in series.
– Fashions from Asia.
– Reverend Sheen discusses the role of the modern woman.
– Must we fear Germ Warfare?