LOOK Magazine – July 25, 1967 – Runaway Children


Magazine Condition : Good  (cover image shown is from a FAIR copy)

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Look Magazine Cover : Atomic bomb blast, Barbra Streisand, North Vietnamese.

– Runaways, the tragic story of why 500,000 kids leave home every year, includes Patrolman James Byrne (we are lucky to have heard from this commendable man ), Ronald Johnson, Greenwich Village, Ronald Griffin, Susan X (Italian).
– The future of sex, Marshall McLuhan and George B. Leonard’s provocative forecast.
– How China got the atomic bomb.
– The first color photos of Barbra Streisand and her baby son.
– A remarkable photo essay from North Vietnamese, countryside at war.
– Two page Firestone tires ad with Parnelli Jones in his race car.
– Full page AT&T ad with blue chicken for using area codes.
– Leo Rosten tells how the Israelis really did it.
– Good two page Schaefer beer ad, good to be framed in a pub.
– Fashion : fabric patterns inspired by Africa.
– Very nice two page color Honda 90 motor scooter ad in red and black.
– P.O.W., are U.S. prisoners mistreated in North Vietnam, POW, Prisoner of War.
– Cute full page color Schlitz beer ad with sad clown.
– Rick Reichardt, The Ripper, Frederic Carl Reichardt, California Angels baseball.
– The music group The Four Fifths, David Hecht, Josh Miller, Alfred Vanderbilt Jr., Tony Hecht, Guy Nouri, with photos of Diana Radway, Mary Colllins, Regional M pages.
– Cute full page Hiram Walker Imperial whisky ad with bicycle built for two, Florida’s East coast, Regional M page.
– Bedtime sleeper, Skilt, Kilts for sleeping, Robert Winston, Regional M page.
– Full page KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken ad with the colonel and Jerry Lewis.
– Sourdough bread.
– If the Arabs had won in Israel.