LOOK Magazine – July 22, 1958 – Crosby Brothers


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Bob Crosby and Bing Crosby.

– I hated being Bing’s brother, by Bob Crosby.
– Ike, the boy and the man, Eisenhower.
– Is there a lady in the house?, our ideas of what makes a lady are changing, cartoon illustrations by Osborn.
– Full page Inco Nickel ad, car chrome, art by R. Lopshire.
– Full page color Hertz Rent a car ad with golfer Sam Snead.
– Fair sex diplomacy, Frances Farrell of Houston, U.S. pavilion guide at the Brussels World’s Fair, visits the Russian pavilion with Yuri Zonov and Leon Popov.
– Janet Munro, plays an Irish role for her first American movie for Walt Disney.
– Paisley in the parlor, home decorating, fashions, neat!
– The perfect curry, with recipes.
– John Gavin, actor, he’s new and he’s not even neurotic.
– Charles Schultz and his comic strip, Peanuts.
– A great director tells of his fight against fear, Joshua Logan, includes photos with Mitzi Gaynor, Marilyn Monroe, Carol Lynley, William Holden
– Manolete (bull fighter, matador) dies with bull Islero in 1947.
– Charming and funny photos taken at an odd angle of Douglas Rosenthal, Karen Rosenthal and their mother – Long-legged mix-up.