LOOK Magazine – July 22, 1947 – Driving Across USA


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Lizabeth Scott, Paramount actress.

– Small photo and letter pertaining to Clair A. Zigelhofer who is missing a hand, now has a hook, and is a carpenter at San Lorenzo Village, San Francisco.
– Full page Ethyl gas ad with famous dogs : puli Mereg Duda, great dane Great Pal, mixed breed ? Bruce.
– Small photo of Mrs. Marata of Detroit who has just given birth to twins at age 16, her great great great grandmother was alive when they were born.
– Small photo of honest firemen Lorsch and Mosher who found $37,900 at fire.
– Small photos of trick shooter Ernie Linds.
– Why aren’t women more successful in politics?, answered by women currently in politics.
– Psychoquiz, how sentimental are you?
– How to drive across the United States, Helen and Norman Scheffer, New York to San Francisco, great photo essay.
– Byron Price, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations is the “NO” man guarding the budget.
– Eighty years of chorus girls, a super article, lots of photos through the years.
– Europe is still miserable, poverty, hunger, prostitution, communism thrives on this kind of misery.
– Movie Review of Life With Father.
– Two page ad for Minneapolis Star and Minneapolis Tribune newspapers, can you match the twins from 48 photos into 24 sets?
– My husband manages the Red Sox, written by Mildred Cronin, Boston’s Fenway Park, Joe Cronin, baseball.
– Mr. and Mrs. Weekend at Iowa State, fun party, includes shadow strip tease, diaper changing race for men, Billie Root, Audrey Aldinger, Mark Hughes, Jr., more.
– Neat full page color Wurlitzer phonograph ad with art by Albert Dorne, “Having a wonderful time.”
– Cute photos of Dixe, 3 months-old lion cub, meeting house pets, the Sleepy Little Lion, he looks rather drugged … I wonder …
– Church for the deaf, Milton, Massachusetts, St. Andrew’s Mission to the Deaf, Reverend J. Stanley Light.
– Full page movie poster ad for “Welcome Stranger” with Bing Crosby, Barry Fitzgerald.
– Duke Ellington, jazz musician, already has 13 hits of his own, nice long piece, lots of photos.
– Full page color Ballantine Ale ad with odd art of man and woman at sea shore.
– Full page color Lyon Whitewalls tires ad with art by James Crabb.
– For him the war isn’t over, war veterans still fighting debilitating injuries, paraplegic Leonard Willis of Bartlick, Virignia, quadraplegic Ralph G. Moody, quadriplegic Rudolph M. Hall, paraplegic Furman J. Medlin, Arthur Kaptein, James W. Redding, Woodrow W. Richardson, more.
– Do women dress for women or for men, by Edith Head and Ray Milland.
– Chicago gets an honest mayor, Martin Kennelly, he follows Ed Kelly who was into Machine politics and the spoils system, includes photo of North Clark Street.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Murder Paradoxical.
– Preview of “The Secret Lincoln Papers.”
– What’s left of Cafe Society, El Morocco party, Champagne Cholly, much more.
– Summer vacation wardrobe for the young career girl, Kappy Gardner, Pat Boyd, at Raymond Loewy’s Sands Point country house.
– Walter J. Frailey couldn’t keep his eyes open, medical condition named Bilateral Ptosis, tape or special eyeglasses with prop fixed it.
– How good was your ESP, drawings of bicycle and girls.
– The thyroid gland and how it affects body mass, thyroxin.
– Full page color 7up Seven up ad with family at pool, Get in the Swim, Fresh up.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Don Whitfield, speed boat racer.