LOOK Magazine – July 17, 1962 – Bing Crosby, March for Peace


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Look Magazine Cover : Bing Crosby and his second family.

– Exclusive feature on Bing Crosby and his family, many photos, Kathryn Grant, very nice long article.
– New attack on Parkinson’s Disease, with Dr. Irving S. Cooper at St. Barnabas Hospital, patients Sol Grabina, David Whitcomb, Marion Perez, Ermanno Lacchia, Jose Morcate.
– Plus a second article on treating Parkinson’s, Dr. William Cahan.
– Full page Bell Telephone ad for “voices over a beam of light” technology, optical maser, which I believe led to Fiber Optics.
– Full page movie poster ad in white, black and red for The Spiral Road with Rock Hudson and Burl Ives.
– The big march for peace, written by Joseph Roddy, anti-war demonstration, includes physicist Leo Szilard.
– Cape Cod concrete architecture, New Seabury home by Robert Damora.
– Jean Monnet talks about the Common Market in Europe.
– Full page Mutual of New York MONY insurance ad with supermarket owner Sal Lombardo and MONY man Jack Winer.
– Nice full page color Kellogg’s Variety pack cereal ad, ten mini boxes.
– The National Aeronautic Association and the Collier Trophy Award for greatest achievement is given to four test pilots, Robert White, Joseph Walker, Scott Crossfield, and Forrest Petersen, regional page.
– Very pretty and unusual two page color Coca-Cola ad with night time scene and fireworks.
– Fashions : tiny sandals, regional page.
– Nectarines, a new fruit favorite.
– Sue Lyon is the star of a controversial new movie, Lolita.
– Tim Cohane tells why Baseball is in danger of becoming the great national bore, long article.
– William Attwood, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea, Africa.