LOOK Magazine – July 15, 1969 – Apollo Program


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Look Magazine Cover : Close-up photo of a portion of the American flag.

– Book review : Gay Talese looks at the world of publishing and The New York Times in “The Kingdom and the Power.”
– Movie review : John Wayne in “True Grit.”
– Photo essay : American Images by Burk Uzzle, idyllic landscapes and souped-up motorcycles.
– Full page color ad for Elitch’s amusement park in Denver, Colorado, Regional M page.
– Two American POWs in Vietnam are interviewed by Oriana Fallaci, Major Roger Deal Ingvalson and Lt. Robert Franchot Frishman.
– Apollo and Beyond, story by Arthur C. Clarke, with foldout color painting by Norman Rockwell, portraits of those involved in the Apollo program. Other paintings by Pierre Mion.
– The former doctor of President Nixon writes about the mental health of American leaders.
– Eating in space is no picnic, photos of such delectables as crispy beef cubes in plastic and chicken salad spread in a tube.
– Does Nebraska nice guy Dick Cavett have what it takes for late night television?
– Tank tops and wild striped bell bottoms for sailing.
– Hippies as parents, what kinds of kids are they raising? A young family in northern California, Hearthshire School.
– Out of this world eye shades.
– Betty Rollin writes a humorous little piece about golf fanatics and their obsession with a little white ball.
– John Gardner tells the revolutionary generation that they can remake society.
– Policemen and ghetto kids are partners, Garry Hills, Tony Day, Tom Hastings, others, Rochester, New York, Regional M pages.
– Full page color Maxwell House coffee ad with Opera star Roberta Peters, Mrs. Bertram Fields, Regional M Page.
– Full page color Grape nuts cereal ad with Dale Burke and Caroline Burke of Phoenix, Arizona, Regional M Page.
– Full page color Family Circle magazine ad with illustration of park scene by Ethel Ream.
T section, when present, may include the following plus more ads :
– Full page RCA Stereo 8 Cartridge tapes with art by Kappes.
– The Russians move into the Indian ocean.
– Full page color Smirnoff vodka ad with Johnny Carson and St. Bernard dog.
– Top Dogs, Westminster Kennel show, Skye Terrier Susie and Junior, Walter Goodman.