LOOK Magazine – January 7, 1969 – Black and White


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Look Magazine Cover : Silhouette of a black woman against a white background.

– Special Issue : Blacks and Whites, can we bridge the gap?, Patricia Coffin and George Goodman.
– Norman Mailer on Black Power.
– Black and white pro football, Don Meredith, Don Perkins, Dallas Cowboys.
– Cute full page CBS Radio ad with a gift wrapped Arthur Godfrey.
– Black Power shakes the white church.
– Black America’s African heritage.
– Godfrey Cambridge declares peace.
– Jimi Hendrix socks it to the white cats, Rock and Roll music.
– Black and white sex hang-ups, the positive story of Bob Boudreaux and Katie Jones.
– William Attwood gives his personal recollection of Malcolm X, probably on regional pages (not in every copy).
– The young view from Brandeis University, “What’s Happening” magazine, Djangatolum, Lloyd Corbin, Elaine Avidon and others are mentioned.
– Charming full page “Family Circle magazine” ad with old couple on the carousel.
– Harlem’s Yorubas, Baba.
– The radicals, are they poles apart?, White segregationist Roy Harris, Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver.
– Artist Daniel LaRue Johnson.
– A lovely piece on black beauty, Win and Joyce Wilford, Charlene Dash, more.
– Rick Haynes seeks black brains for white business.
– NOTE : A small pull-out Ford Car Buyer’s Digest in the center of the magazine is numbered as pages 39-54.  This pull-out is not always present, please ask ahead of time if you need it.