LOOK Magazine – January 7, 1958 – 50 years of GM


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Eisenhower, Auto plant, Brigitte Bardot.

– Full page color Gleem toothpaste ad with VERY clean cut looking family, winter theme, thick sandwich.
– Full page Listerine ad with mother sending cute little girl off to school.
– A number of letters to the editor pertaining to Gifted children (see LOOK magazine November 26, 1957).
– Lovely, charming, cute full page color Bell telephone ad with little girl, a Dolly phone, and face in each of the number holes on the dial.
– Full page General Mills Cheerios cereal ad, Power protein.
– Eisenhower’s second term tragedy, loss of prestige due to Sputnik I and II, Little Rock school integration incident, Republicanism, includes cartoons by Charles Werner.
– Fifty years of General Motors, GM, men, money and motors, with four half-page color painting by John Groth of car assembly line – big article, features include Edward Cole, Edward Ragsdale, James Roche, Jack Wolfram, Semon Knudsen, Helen Reeves, Alice Mace, G. H. Dusty Miller, plus bricklayer Harold Reynolds, more.
– Absolutely cute and pink movie poster ad for “Girl Most Likely” with Jane Powell.
– Two page feature on beans with recipes.
– Full page ad for Coldene, a cold medicine.
– The story behind the painting, # 23, Michelangelo’s Conversion of St. Paul.
– Beachwear, one bottom and many tops, interchangeable fashions.
– Feature on Ted Husing, sports broadcaster, now blind, his comeback.
– A full page color Springmaid fabric ad that features a natarborium, indoor swimming greenhouse combination.
– Super feature on Brigitte Bardot, sex uncorked.
– Full page ad for River Park in Fort Pierce, Florida, a new housing community.
– LOOK magazine’s 8th annual TV awards.