LOOK Magazine – January 29, 1952 – Ingrid Bergman


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Ingrid Bergman (large photo), little Farley Welch, Martin & Lewis.

– Full page movie poster ad with red for “Ten Tall Men” with Burt Lancaster, soldiers of fortune.
– Two page Chrysler Corporation ad pertaining to training and educational programs, includes J. E. Engstrom, D. M. Holiday, Paul R. Diehl, Carl Hood, Robert Chura, George Heyer, Albert Bazner, H. A. Nelson.
– Full page color Fatima cigarettes ad with Jon Whitcomb, prolific artist and illustrator, especially silverware ads.
– Full page color Pablum cereals ad with charming cherub face.
– LOOK applauds the American soldier in Korea, great photo of David K. Broad of the 5th Regimental Combat Team.
– Little boy, Farley Welch, posed with all the food and equipment needed to get him through his first 12 months.
– Full page color Western Electric ad with night scene art by Kurka.
– Major William D. Clark talks about fighting in Korea, G company of the 9th Infantry Regiment, most of whom died or were wounded or were rotated, good combat photos.
– Is Stalin in trouble?
– Full page color Old Gold cigarettes ad with five boxer pups dogs from the Idledays Kennel in Shreveport.
– Full page color Corby’s whiskey ad with parrot and ice fishing theme.
– Ingrid Bergman (part 1 of 2), her love story, Roberto Rossellini.
– Home decorating, don’t be afraid of your taste, includes Nancy McClelland, William Pahlmann, Eugene Stephenson, and Elisabeth Draper.
– Santa Fe railroad, Big Chief of the Southwest, includes Bill Parks guiding at Grand Canyon, Mary, Ronnie and Jeannie at Phantom Ranch, more.
– How basketball players are bought, North-South all star high school basketball game at Murray State College, neat photo of very tall basketball players looming over short women, more.
– The movie, The Fourposter with Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison, comparison to Broadway play.
– What the Loyalty Oath did to the University of California, a failure.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Death in the Sun.
– Heptitude, new slang meaning insight information, illustrated with fashion.
– Jerry Lewis directs a home made movie, includes Janet Leigh, Mona Freeman, Dean Martin, more, The Re-Inforcer.
– Half page color Lustre Cr’me shampoo ad with Jane Wyman.
– Higher income taxes will destroy a large segment of our free society.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Pauline Kessinger, manager at the CafĂ© Continental, and two sailors.