LOOK Magazine – January 27, 1953 – Rocky Marciano


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Very Good



LOOK Magazine Cover : Bishop Sheen, Little girl with cancer, Boxer Rocky Marciano, Rita Hayworth, Gloria Grahame.

– Very nice full page Bell Telephone ad welcoming home Donald McIntyre from Korea, with photo of him and his family Mary, mother and Angus.
– Very neat article about Physically Challenged skiers and climbers, Franz Wendl with one leg climbing on snow in the Alps, August Traxler with one leg in a downhill ski race, Otii Kalmbacher, Joseph Holzer, the article is about the ski crutches or ski outriggers designed by Franz Wendl for skiing amputees.
– Full page color movie poster ad for The Road to Bali with Bing Crosby.
– Wow, nice one, full page color movie poster ad for” The Mississippi Gambler” with Tyrone Power.
– Big feature on Teenage killers, how kids go bad, Portola Gang, Filmore gamp in San Francisco, Robert Ranson.
– Nice feature on the Virgin Islands, includes Ira and Stevie Smith, Virgin Isle Hotel.
– Pretty full page color Lady Borden ad for Lorraine Cherry.
– Red Buttons lampoons Hollywood Muscle Men.
– A talk with Bishop Sheen.
– Dictator Juan Domingo Peron of Argentina is waging a war on the United States, propaganda war.
– A fashion demonstration that Jungle Indian feathered hats would be great in today’s fashions.
– Crazy full page photo from the filming of “The Man from the Alamo”, stunt rider on falling horse, Jackie Williams, photo by William Walling, best photo in 50 years.
– The General Motors Motorama of 1953, fancy futuristic car show held in New York’s Waldorf Astoria, includes Sam Cashwan, Walter Hickey, Bob Smith.
– 1953 All America flowers, with Ray Hastings, Sam Atmore, Eugene Pfister and others at flower shows, plus All America vegetables.
– The Rocky Marciano story, part 1 of 2, boxing.
– Full page Heinz 57 ad with “Visit California” theme.
– Ooh, la la, Rita Hayworth in color in the dance of the seven veils.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Playboy’s Last fling.
– Transocean Television is on the way, relay stations, includes really nice art of a helicopter landing at an Arctic mountain top relay station, art by Ray Pioch (good signature).
– Movie review of “The Bad and the Beautiful.”
– Cancer today kills more children from 2 to 14 than any other disease, includes Bobby Giampa, Linda Wreith, Patty Porrine, children at well-child clinic.
– Two pages of drawings of the current Republicans in the administration, art by Jim Berryman (good signature).