LOOK Magazine – January 27, 1942 – The Japanese


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Sailor playing bugle, no name given.

– Full page American Red Cross War Fund Campaign with worried little girl, “Are they coming over here to fight, Daddy?”
– Josephine L. Rathbone teaches students how to relax, Columbia University, Causes of muscular tension study.
– Johnson O’Connor and his Human Engineering laboratory at the Stevens Institute of Technology, study to match aptitudes to jobs, small piece.
– Our war with Germany, it is Hitler’s army we must conquer in the end, includes photo of interior of a British Sunderland flying boat.
– Three models escape to the sun in Florida, Timmy Kilner, Marti Hazlett and Janet Marks, Miami Beach, includes Water Cycling, Fishing for Bonito and sailfish, parrots.
– Full page color movie poster ad for “Bahama Passage” with Madeleine Carroll and Stirling Hayden.
– Full page Lifebuoy health soap ad, I don’t recall seeing this soap advertised earlier.
– Big feature article about the Japanese, much of it is very politically incorrect now.
– Anti-semitism is a danger to America, prejudice against Jews, as an example meet Ben Kaufman of Trenton.
– Put color in your cheeks by putting color in your diet, a new method for better nutrition.
– The talent at the Malin Studio, “Of V We Sing”, Phil Leeds, Lee Barrie, Betty Garrett, Adele Jerome, Eleanor Bagley, Julian Claman and others.
– Mary Joyce Walsh models Miami sunshine fashions.
– LOOK Magazine’s movie review of “Babes on Broadway” with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland doesn’t make it sound very good!
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Devil works at night.
Dancer Fe Alf (Mrs. Alfred Fippinger) gives advice for exercises for pregnant women, maternity fitness, she is a disciple of Bess Mensenieck (first women to crusade against corsets).
– Nat Holman shows and tells how to Improve your Basketball.
– Grantland Rice is the number one sportswriter, hasn’t found fault with anyone in 61 years, Granny Rice, includes bootblack Calvin Jefferson, golfing pals.
– LOOK Magazine’s 1941 film achievement awards to Orson Welles, Fredric March, Olivia de Havilland, William Dieterle, Ingrid Bergman, John Ford, William Wyler.
– What the American army can learn from Russia’s defense.