LOOK Magazine – January 11, 1966 – The American Woman


Magazine condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : The American woman.

– Special Issue on American Women : 50 page feature.

– Full page Volkswagen bug, beetle car ad with Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 76ers basketball player.
– Somewhat cute full page Winston cigarettes ad with man and woman covered with sand at the beach.
– Memo to the American Woman from Patricia Coffin.
– Photos in this issue include Mimi London, Joy Leigh, Mrs. Renate Brodeur giving birth,
– 12 year-old Michele Delattre of San Francisco and farewell to childhood – absolutely wonderful piece filled with charming photos.
– Virgil G. Damon and Isabella Taves offer eighteen rules of war between mother and daughter.
– Full page color art (for LOOK) by Norman Rockwell, women looking at paintings in the museum.
– Is someone kidding the College Girl?, insightful piece by Jack Shepherd.
– Seven page color Ford automotive ad with much besides cars.
– Happiness is a baby’s laugh, Ginny Parnall and Peter Parnall, live near Milford, New Jersey, Finnegan.
– Happiness is a jeep full of children, Bruce and Erica Wonnacott, New Canaan, Connecticut.
– How come a nice girl like you isn’t married?, by Laura Bergquist.
– Vogue’s Diana Vreeland sets the fashion.
– New natural looks for swimming.
– The key to staying young, Dr. Robert A. Wilson gives medical advice, menopause.
– The long, lonely wait of a young divorcee, Vi Erker, great article, photos include her son Gary, co-workers George Chalmers, Dan Earlier, John Huson.
NOTE : Page 13-14 is a small ad insert card that may not be present.