LOOK Magazine – February 7, 1956 – Jackie Gleason


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Jackie Gleason.

– Pretty full page Bell Telephone ad with switchboard operator and dreams of telephone employees from times past.
– Full page movie poster ad for Picnic with Kim Novak.
– Full page America’s Electric Light and Power Companies ad with cool futuristic ad showing people playing dominoes in an electric car that is driving itself.
– A page of neat cartoons about the Hi-Fi Guy, stereo systems, by Gregory D’Alessio (good signature).
– The white chimpanzee named Snow, with Carole Boswell, Lee Ecuyer.
– Cornell University research farm to study effects of radiation on plants, the Stewart Dallyn family lives there and consumes the vegetables, like an “atomic food” field test, includes Calvin Knozak, Chuck Dallyn, rest of family.
– Nice big feature on Jackie Gleason, his life story.
– Evangelist Billy Graham answers his critics.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, 116 in series, Hi-Fi art by Haddon Sundblom.
– UCLA students serve the cause of freedom in India, Jerry Lewis, Mary Ann Buford, Ron Pengilly, Ev Brandon, Ed Peck, Ruth Taketaya, Joe Michels, Bob Jaffie, Rosemary Wooldridge, Patti Price, Dr. Guenther, Project India, Bob Stein, Sandy Ragins, Patti Price, George Wakiji, Joe Michaels, sounds a lot like Peace Corps.
– Full page color De Beers diamonds ad with art by Herbert Saslow.
– Chester Bowles, former American Ambassador to India and Nepal, writes on the Politics of Peace.
– Spanish flamenco dance in color, Antonio and Carmen Rojas.
– Cute little article on clothes that button up the back, making men a useful appliance around the house.
– Actress Eva Marie Saint.
– Boxer Carmen Basilio is a nice guy in a rough business.
– The Kelsey family, Howard, Bonnie and Kim Kelsey are snowbound on the Nine Quarter-Circle Ranch in Montana, cute piece.