LOOK Magazine – February 5, 1957 – Jerry Lewis


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover  : Jerry Lewis on a movie set.

– Full page color Movie Poster ad for “Battle Hymn.”
– Charming full page Canadian travel ad with three little kids in a lake, two on sea horses.
– Three page Marlboro ad with lots of photos of the Marlboro Man and his answers to questions, he has an eagle tattooed on the back of his right hand.
– LOOK magazine applauds the 52 Association, provides entertainment for disabled servicemen.
– Adlai Stevenson talks about why he raised the Hydrogen Bomb question, H-Bomb problem.
– Grace Kelly’s life as a princess in Monaco – nice long piece with lots of good photos.
– Labor Racketeers are YOUR fault, includes columnist Victor Riesel who was blinded when someone threw acid on him, Labor unions, AFL-CIO, more.
– The life story of Pope Pius XII – very long piece.
– Full page color Campbell’s soup ad with Arden Rathbun.
– Full page Bayer Aspirin ad with family making snowman, two kids, dog, more.
– The funniest photos of a kitten in a teapot.
– Full page color De Beers diamonds ad with a photograph by Irving Penn.
– Actor and comedian Jerry Lewis says “I’ve always been scared”, good long piece.
– Full page Winston cigarettes ad with Larie Truck Service or Lorie Truck Service.
– Short color feature on sausages.
– Fashions : the color violet, photographed in Puerto Rico.
– Cooking with radar, Electronic ranges, they sound a bit like microwaves, Raytheon, includes Mrs. Anthony Arico of Nixon, New Jersey, Mrs. Robert Meese of Mansfield.
– Movie Review “Written on the Wind.”
– The judge who saves alcoholics, Des Moines Municipal Cout, Ray Harrison.
– Full page International Nickel INCO ad with new mines in Manitoba.
– The story behind the painting, part 8, Caravaggion, The Death of the Virgin.
– Mr. and Mrs. Bowling, Don and LaVerne Carter.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with folks on a Ski Train.