LOOK Magazine – February 4, 1958 – Cuban Revolution


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Hollywood beauty Ingrid Goude by Bob Vose.

– Full page Bell Telephone System ad features Mrs. Vonna Shelton of Minneapolis.
– LOOK applauds Connee Boswell, stricken with polio at age three she developed a career in music, first as one of the Boswell Sisters in the 1930s then as a solo performer.
– “We gave the Russians the key to Sputnik,” special section. Vladimir Shabinsky tells Ellsworth Raymond how he found the Nazi missile secrets, Peter Van Slingerland writes about how we let the secrets get away.
– Inside Cuba’s Revolution, photos of Castro and his 1,000-member “Fidelistas,” seven pages include photos of execution of Jose Ramirez for rape and murder.
– Full page color Campbell’s soup ad features Mrs. Gertrude Cronise, employee since 1935.
– The National Municipal League and LOOK salute the All American Cities : Albuquerque, NM; Clarksburg, WV; Galesburg, IL; Ketchikan, AK; Miami-Dade County, FL; Middletown, OH; Neosho, MO; Omaha, NE; Philadelphia, PA; Vancouver, WA; Yankton, SD. Dr. George H. Gallup of the American Institute of Public Opinion was the foreman of the jury.
– Hollywood’s hidden beauties, color photos feature Kathleen Richmond, Diane Varsi, Carol Lynley, Jacquie Bellon, Barbara Lang, Ingrid Goude, Theona Bryant, Nancy Marshall, Joanna Moore, Susan Oliver, Jill St. John, Gail Land.
– For Women Only : The great American bathroom.
– Recipes with honey, interesting color photo of honeycombs in frames.
– Sportscar fashions.
– The solution for a teenage problem: nonalcoholic jazz, San Francisco’s Jazz Showcase, Dan Brisbin, Nancy Stone, Fred Katz of Chico Hamilton Quintet.
– Photoquiz: people, places and things.
– The Story Behind the Painting #24: Veronese, Paolo Caliari, The Last Supper.
– More of the Ted Husing Story (see also January 21, 1958), “My friends wouldn’t let me die.”
– Patrice Munsel, glamour with a voice.
– The American Male : Why do women dominate him? Illustrations by Osborn.
– Full page Hiram Walker Imperial Whiskey ad, skier packing the car.
– The revival of high school wrestling, Joe Jones, Englewood High School, Denver.
– Luscious full page color ad for Sealtest Cherry Nugget ice cream.
– Pro basketball, toughest big league of them all, photo of Park and Bob Petit of St. Louis and Mikkelsen of Minneapolis battling for rebound, 6-foot-10-inch Big Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics.