LOOK Magazine – February 27, 1951 – Sex Education


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Ingrid Berman, Eisenhower, White in fashion, Boxer Joe Louis, Lassie.

– Full page movie poster ad for Payment on Demand.
– Lovely full page color Life Savers ad for Stik-o-pep.
– Ingrid Bergman and husband Roberto Rossellini deal with fame.
– Full page movie poster ad for Valentino.
– We need to prepare for potential disasters.
– Broadway’s unpredictable Mike Todd.
– The sad story of Joe Louis, boxing.
– Charity balls and the high cost of mercy, it takes money to make money.
– Ranch fashions for adults, western clothes.
– Nuclear physicist exposes flying saucers, Skyhook research balloons.
– The modern artist’s search for reality in drawing.
– The current argument about Sex Education, how much, when, where and by whom.
– Striking full page RED Pennsylvania Railroad ad, 200 miles of new freight cars.
Bernice Judis is the general manage and part owner of WNEW, radio station.
– The evolution of windshields (wind screens) in cars.
– The new color “White wine” is a hit in fashions.
– Movie Review of Molly (about the Goldbergs, radio stars).
– New weapons to fight heart disease, vectorcardiography, electrokymograph, heart catheter, ballistocardiography, mechanical heart-lung machine.
– Former Marine Paul Straub is now coaching basketball despite two mechanical legs and a crippled hand, Jesuit Tigers.
– Nice feature on Lassie, the dog star.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Murder at Ciro’s.
– Burl Ives sings about food.
– Full page Licensed Beverage Industries ad with master cooper Bill Riggs of Louisville.
– Full page color Seven up 7up Fresh up ad with puppet show.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Patrice Munsel, opera star.