LOOK Magazine – February 26, 1963 – Mental Hospitals


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


Look Magazine Cover : Mrs. Edward M. Kennedy in Washington.

– Full page Champion spark plug ad with race car driver Roger Penski and her Zerex Duralite Special.
– Full page ad for the Philco Courier, a portable televison.
– Very cute Brother Sebastian cartoon by Chon Day, Some “lost” folks sent the St. Bernard dog back to him with a note on the neck cask “Help Again.”
– Unusual full page Duranel Alcoa ad for cookware, hard to tell what it is for!
– A big feature on Joan Bennett Kennedy, Lots of photos.
– Author C. P. Snow writes about Winston Churchill.
– A feature on mental hospitals in America, how they are being emptied out and the patients have a chance to go home, includes volunteer Sarah Boardman, Doctors Gerty, Maltz, Tabin, Poveda, others.
– Full page color Campbell’s Red Kettle soup ad showing soup box and two little cans, different packaging.
– Full page color Appian Way cheese pizza boxed mix.
– Coin collecting, numismatics.
– Full page color 1963 Dodge station wagon ad with family prepping for ski trip with lots of ski gear.
– Hollywood costume designer Edith Head and how she entertains, recipes.
– Birth control in Japan, a very overcrowded country.
– Teacher Helen Harris and political cartoonist Herbert Lawrence Block, Herblock.
– Full page color Royal Crown Cola RC ad with Carol Breckenridge, skier, sailor, fashion, more.
– Opera singer Grace Bumbry returns to St. Louis.
– Full page Smirnoff vodka ad with gunfighter in red in dim bar.
– Full page color Pennzoil motor oil ad with cartoon elephant driving.
– The GI’s in Europe, short World War II stories, WWII, by Ralph G. Martin and Richard Harrity, drawings by Howard Brodie War Drawings (book).
– Movie star Susannah York from England.
– Movie Review : To Kill a Mockingbird.
– Full page Investor-owned Electric power companies ad with sad photo of elderly couple turned back at the Berlin wall.
– Cute series of photos of little Michael Edward Frith of Anaheim putting on a sock (regional page).
– Fashion : the shirtwaist suit.
– Full page Borden’s Milk ad with Wendy Baines.
– Actor comedian Sid Caesar as Lately W. Hourglass of the Eternity Tortoises, baseball humor.
– Full page color Canadian Club whisky ad with Eric Haller and a somersault on skis.