LOOK Magazine – February 26, 1952 – Submarines


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Cute young woman in curious red and white striped exercise leotard (large photo, not named), General Eisenhower, Betty Hutton.

– Full page color Fatima cigarettes ad with Joan L. Robinson.
– LOOK applauds Women’s hospital auxiliaries, art by Birmingha, Mrs. Abraham E. Pinanski.
– Dick Button is an Olympian on ice skates, includes Millie Marshall.
– Full page color Western electric ad with neat art of man at furnace drawing copper into wire, art by Robert Benney.
– Are American teenagers rejecting freedom, results of Purdue poll.
– Orphan children in Korea, includes Munski orphanage, An Bong Yul, Captain Sherwood O/Kuhn, more.
– Sao Paulo, Brazil celebrate first Art Biennial in the Hemisphere, color art samples.
– Two page color movie poster ad for “Bend of the River” with James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Rock Hudson and others.
– Leslie Caron and George Hormel honeymoon in Florida, includes Kathy Darlyn, Willa McGuire.
– Big feature on Hockey player Ted Lindsay, including full page color photo of him, Detroit Red Wings.
– We are losing the battle against sin, organized vice, prostitution.
– Full page color American Meat Institute ad with Excellent meat that is about half fat, no wonder that generation has heart trouble.
– Two page color Max Factor ad with Donna Reed.
– Full page color Blatz beer ad with Dan Duryea, actor.
– The George Robert White Fund in Boston, offers $100,000 for great idea for charity use of $1,000,000, includes sculptor Ralph Cooper, Eleonora Sears.
– Forecast for West Germany and East Germany.
– Keep fit and trim routine by Nicholas Kounovsky, 36 seconds plus 6 minutes, exerciser not named.
– The dance boom on Television, includes Hamilton Trio, Mata and Hari, Toastettes, others.
– Submarine to battle others subs, U.S.S. K-1, mock hunt of Halfbeak, Frank A. Andrews, lots of photos inside crowded sub.
– Full page International Nickel Company INCO ad with old rotary snow blower clearing road for car, The Blizzard Baby.
– Alma Doody and real artificial flowers, “Spellbound” .
– Charming full page color Texaco fire-chief ad with five Dalmatian puppies chasing a big snowball.
– The truth about the bible, students questioning errors.
– Movie review of “The greatest show in earth”, Cecil DeMille and his circus movie.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Tremendous Trifle.
– What teenagers have for snacks.
– Full page 7up Fresh up ad with photo of kids playing basketball.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Eva Gabor.