LOOK Magazine – February 24, 1970 – Glen Campbell


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Look Magazine Cover : Singer Glen Campbell.

– A draft dodgers remarkable diary, Rich Gooding – excellent piece.
– Dr. Bruno Bettelheim and the new way to raise children, Child Kibbutz plan.
– Movie : Women in Love, after the books Lady Chatterley’s Lover.
– Big feature on Glen Campbell by Tom Smothers.
– Attractive full page color Toyota Corona ad.
– Rome’s latest kind of strike implementation, Dial-a-strike.
– Full page Colorado National Banks ad for college savings plans for grandparents, Regional M page.
– Full page color Wakefield frozen dinners ad, Regional M page.
– Full page Reading Premium beer ad, Regional M page.
– Rather cute Lark cigarettes ad with cupid and valentine theme.
– The first women at Yale University, includes Becki Akers, Pixie Williams, Carolyn Widgery and Nina Krane.
– And at Vassar, Paul Shepard, 90 men at Vassar.
– Full page color Campbell’s ad with bushel full of tomatoes.
– Attractive two page color Simmons hide-a-bed sofas ad.
– Heli-skiing, a new kind of skiing, helicopters from Sun Valley, Bill Janss, Linda Agustsson, Nick Clabaugh, Morgan Renard, Christine Smith, Anne Janss, Peder Monsen, Frederick Blechmann, Dick Gibbs, Emil Capik, Barbara Amick.
– Canada’s Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
– Ban the bra, freedom advocates Sandi Price, Maria Badeaux, Gunilla Knutson, Heather MacRae (with Oatis Stephens).
– Big feature on the New York Knicks basketball team including two page color photo.
– Designer Romuald Witwicki and his quick change room, Regional M pages.
– Full page Ayds weight loss ad with Kathleen Coffey.
– How I didn’t make it in the women’s army of Israel, Betty Rollin.
T section, when present, may include the following (plus some more ads) :
– Jerome Cavanagh tells why he became the ex-major of Detroit.
– Full page color Seagram’s Benchmark bourbon ad.