LOOK Magazine – February 22, 1966 – Computer Dating


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : College student pair matched by computer, John de Forest and Shelley Hack.

– The search for God, a bishop’s dilemma now that we have visited space, James A. Pike, just cleared of heresy.
– An American defector’s inside story about why Red China wants to fight us, Morris Wills, another very good piece (see related article in LOOK magazine February 8, 1966).
– Computer dating, the big new college craze, includes Nikos Tsinikas, Nancy Schreiber of Ypsilanti, Jeff Tarr, Vaughn Morrill, Operation Match, Jim McCandlish, Doug Ginsburg, Chris Walker, David DeWan.
– A truly yummy looking full page color Kraft cheddar cheese ad with sandwich on pumpernickel bread.
– Full page AT&T Bell system telephone ad with Pedro Rodriguez in phone booth at night, he spoke with operator Anna Appleton in Bloomfield.
– Full page color Chevrolet ad with red Chevy II Nova SS Sport Coupe, license plate KTG 785, Plain Jane it ain’t.
– Very cute full page plus Smirnoff Vodka ad with cowgirl in white using bottle like gun, Snap-e-tom.
– Outer-space ghost story, UFO sighting, looks like a noctilucent cloud to me, includes David Hunt and Eugene Bertrand of Exeter, Sharon Pearce, Norman Muscarello, Virginia Hale.
– The Battle of Britain in 1940, this appears to be about the German air offensive against Great Britain, includes great color photos of vintage airplanes such as Spitfire PROF X4590 with pilot, Messerschmitt 109 now kept at Biggin Hill, full page color photo of injured pilot Major General Johannes Steinhoff, and many other pilots and Luftwaffe personalities.
– Humorous full color article about Gypsy Rose Lee, dowager stripper, and her new television show – great piece, long.
– Full page color American Motors ad showing the black and white houndstooth interior of the Rambler Ambassador DPL.
– Roger H. C. Donlon, Vietnam hero, salutes his teacher Elinor Lente, story from Camp Nam Dong, July 6, 1964.
– Louise Day Hicks is at the center of the busing battle in Boston, school integration.
– Full page color Weyerhaeuser ad with red fox in reforested area, art by Stan Galli.
– Fashions : bathing suit dresses.
– Turkish delights, Potted lamb and Sweet cake, recipes.
– Play about Marat, with Ian Richardson and Patrick Magee, oddball thing.
NOTE : This issue (or at least this copy of this issue) has two pages with different content, both numbered 51-52, and then nothing numbered 59-60 – a mis-pagination?).