LOOK Magazine – February 14, 1961 – MONEY


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


Look Magazine Cover : ALL ABOUT MONEY.

– 21 pages about money, how it’s made, how it grows, how it’s spent.
– Can we afford to be rich? – hostility from millions of less fortunate people.
– How to steal an election, rigged election machines, pre-marked ballots, more.
– Dream world of Dennis the Menace, Jay North.
– Full page Metropolitan Life insurance ad pertaining to lowering blood pressure.
– Full page Quaker oats ad with Jimmy and mother from Mount Prospect, Illinois, mother of 10.
– Money feature includes photos of Frank Jameson, Lynn George, John Morgen, Lawrence A. Wien, Elsie Frankfurt (Maternity clothes, Page Boy Maternity Company), more.
– How to pick a stockbroker.
– New swim suits bare one shoulder.
– Nice full page color Four Roses whisky ad with skiing theme.
– The story behind the painting (# 46), Memling.
– Sports, Karate, Masutatsu Oyama.
– Paul McCobb designs furniture for children.
– Hearty Hors D’oeuvre, recipes.

No regional editions printed for this issue.