LOOK Magazine – February 14, 1950 – Rocky Graziano


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LOOK Magazine Cover – Ann Blyth on a snow sled.

– Nice full-page ad for Ethyl featuring illustrations of elephants and mastadons.
– Short article on the benefits of nylon in men’s suits by Perkins H. Bailey.
– LOOK applauds Fred Lazarus Jr, Yehudi Menuhin, Marion W Sheahan, A W Robertson.
– Full page color ad for Goodyear with men talking and ice fishing.
– Socialize Everything, The plan of the British Labor Party, by Fulton Oursler.
– Party Games, New York beats Hollywood, great party photos with Connie Moore, Johnny Maschio, Ann Rutherford, Dorothy Kilgallen, Maggi McNellis, Anita Colby, Frank Milan, Robin Chandler, Clyde Newhouse.
– Why should American Soldiers live like pigs? By Dr. Daniel A Poling, Alaska living conditions.
– What it takes to be a Radio-TV Star, Janette Davis and Arthur Godfrey.
– DeBeers diamond ad with painting “Honeymoon in the country” by Jean Hugo.
– My New Hobby, painting by Douglas Crockwell for US Brewers Foundation.
– Connie Mack’s Last Year, baseball coach may be replaced by Michey Cochrane.
– How 4 teenagers met death, auto accident photos – Francis Elwood, George Kibsgaard, Russell Jensen, Lloyd Casey.
– Boxer Rocky Graziano, photos before, during and after fight, and at home.
– Sid Caesar, stage, television and radio comic profile and photos.
– Photos of fashion through the decades, Omar Kiam, Helen Virginia Meyer, Halpert, Trigere, Seymour Troy.
– The Lincoln’s in the White House by Reinhard H Luthin, long story and good illustrations.
– Nice Budwieser ad with couple having popcorn and beer, art by Howard Klau Forsberg.
– Socialized Medicine in Texas, the Scott & White Clinic.
– Italian Sculptor Marini, photos and profile.
– Movie review, Twelve O’Clock High with Gregory Peck and Dean Jagger.
– Fall page back cover ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes with a young looking Gregory Peck.