LOOK Magazine – February 10, 1942 – Female Test Pilot


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Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Woman cross country skiing in flashy red coat, model Elyse Knox.

– Nice color Studebaker ad with happy factory workers illus by Charleston.
– How to Improve Your Skiing by Otto Lang.
– The New Death Battle Between Planes and Ships by Paul Schubert – great article about how planes are fighting against ships, different types of bombing runs, types of bombs and torpedoes and ship defense plans, nice illustrations by Fred Ludekens.
– Sinking of the Japanese battleship Haruna by Colin Kelly with super illus by William John Heaslip.
– Mussolini – Hitler’s number 1 prisoner of war,  interesting article on Italian military and unique photo of Mussolini, Hitler, Ugo Cavallero, General Von Runstedt and General Lohr.
– Funny Borden ad with partying cows!
– Radio calls for youth (1st in Careers for youth today series), Guy dell-Cioppa, Blanche Gladstone, Draper Lewis,  interesting photos and story on how a radio show is produced.
– Why America Can’t Lose by Raymond Clapper – all about soldier training, equipment and heroic spirit, Phillip and John Kenkel.
– Girl Test Pilot, Alma Heflin, Major C. R. Borkland photos, first woman to test planes, Many photos of her testing the newly constructed O-59 “jeep”.
– Campaign Map of The War in the Pacific.
– High School Hero, Centralia Illinois basketball player Dwight Dyke Eddelman, with his girlfriend Teddy Townsley.
– What you can do about that cold, most of it still sounds sensible in 2009.
– Camera School, Art Center School of Los Angeles – Steffi Ingersoll, Tom Binford, Zia Qadri, Ann Carney, Bruce Hawkins, Glenn Miller, Stuart Bush.
– William Debetaz trains seeing eye dogs, Elliot Humphrey, great article on what is takes to train a seeing eye dog with the “blindfold month.”
– Great instructional article about skiing, lots of photos and technique clues by Otto Lang.
– Classy ad from IBM “We-All”, about how IBM is changing focus to help the war effort.
– Fashion for the very young, toddlers, Judy, Bill.
– “Date Leaves” in Hollywood, soliders on leave are shown a good time, Frances Thurman, Glady Crail, Jeannette MacDonald, Gene Raymonds, Esther Framm, Helen Starr, Virginia Coster, Nancy Nervig, Private Johnston, Sailor Bartlett, Sailor Jordon, Marine Johnston, Bob Brown, Marie Whitmore, Esther Fromm, Private Schmid, Brady Bartlett.