LOOK Magazine – February 1, 1938 – Sonja Henie


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Ice Skater Sonja Henie (skating)

– Big feature on Sonja Henie.
– Full page photo of June Taylor doing a cartwheel flip.
– Full page Camel cigarettes ad with Ted Yochum.
– Rather amazing photos of a bullet breaking a light bulb.
– Chebby Cohen, 23 year-old English housewife who dresses and acts like a child, infantilism.
– Line drawings, artwork by 8-year-old Shirley Temple.
– War propaganda exposed : photos of propaganda versus truth.
– Gladys Swarthout gets tomatoes thrown at her for publicity, gets a black eye, scenes are later cut.
– Novelist Sinclair Lewis designs a two-story trailer, travel trailer with pop-up roof.
– Stunt girl Iona Reed doing tricks with elephant Anna May, with Trainer Joe Metcalfe, also shows her running from lion (trainer Melvin Koontz), thrown from a speeding car.
– The last flight of Amelia Earhart.
– World’s largest gorilla (600 pounds) shot by George Vanderbilt expedition in 1937 – many comparisons between man and gorilla.
– Fancy fashions from movie brides, wedding gowns.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Wrong Makes Right.
– Various odd grounds for divorce.
– Myrtle Meyer Eldred, models the things a one-year-old baby ought to be able to do.
– Statues of people made by blind children.
– How the US is fighting Infantile Paralysis, Polio.
– Dueling with miniature swords, Cyrano, originated by Franz Sarga.
– Electric shocks given for science.
– Japanese Buddhists and their practices.
– The average US motorist pays $50 each year in gasoline taxes, includes John Svitanek and his family of Bogota, New Jersey.
– Losers of goofy bets.
– Famous “Breach of Marriage Promise” suits.
– A bunch of photos of the first US Army airplane crash, built by Wilbur and Orville Wright, Thomas Selfridge dies at Fort Myer, Virginia on September 17, 1908.
– Photo of girl learning to ride a bucking bronco on a barrel suspended over a creek, Lakeview Oregon, photo by Carlton Groat.
– Another lovely full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with girl in golden tobacco leaves dress.