LOOK Magazine – December 9, 1947 – Climbing McKinley


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Fancy Holiday dress in white, Elizabeth Taylor.

– Full page color General Electric radios ad with Helen Forrest.
– Full page color Parker 51 pens ad with art by Artzybasheff.
– Small photo of football player Freddie Label.
– List of 750 Little Blue Books from Haldeman-Julius Company of Girard, Kansas.
– Photo of terrier dog named Lady who won the American Humane Association medal for rousing her family when the building was burning, Houston, Texas, possibly Fornat family.
– Photos and answers to “Why are you flying the Atlantic?”, on the Pan American Clipper, Aircraft exporter Robert Smith, Winston Linkletter, Margaret Ali (very sad note about her husband and children being killed by the Hindus because he was Muslim), Jafferi Hussain, Piccinini Gajetani, Albert Harms, Hans Kohn, Violet Newton, John Ladd, Elliott Jacques and Eugenie Castele, Elizabeth Holmes, Doreen Cullinen and Andrew Garder.
– Half page color Delrich margarine ad, comes white and they give you a color pack to mix in.
– Full page color Western Electric ad with big switchboard, art by Bingham.
– Alexander P. De Seversky says we are preparing for wrong war.
– Very cool article about climbing Mt. McKinley in Alaska, Grant Pearson, Barbara Washburn (first woman), Bradford Washburn, crevasse exploration, long article, lots of photos, others not named.
– Daniel D. Mich talks about helping to fix the food shortage in Europe.
– The Broadway musical “High Button Shoes” with Phil Silvers, Nanette Fabray and others.
– Very yummy looking full page color Life Savers ad with fruit cocktail, a fruit cocktail for your pocket, this would be considered an excellent ad even today, 60 years later.
– Small photos and mentions about Chan Parks of Chicago who is being deported after 4 years in army, Ernest Whittle of Detroit whose daughter stole his savings, Arthur Cheek’s car in a wreck in Conowingo Maryland, Wheel of Chance circus at Madison Settlement House in New York.
– Judy Klores makes her first visit to the dentist at 20 months, dentist not named, lots of photos.
– Skiing makes you hungry, includes Mount Baldy, Sun Valley, lots of famous people and others, recipes.
– Fashions, romantic dresses and fans.
– Should Church property be taxed, yes or no?
– Gregg Sherwood, a woman, will do anything for publicity because she wants to be a movie star, cute article.
– Costs of fashion, uses the price of some fancy things to compare with pounds of cotton and other day-to-day needs in Europe.
– Full page Columbia bicycle ad showing boy getting the bike as a Christmas gift.
– Coffee and the various kinds of coffee makers.
– Teenage stars, Elizabeth Taylor, Vanessa Brown, Jane Powell, Ann Blyth.
– Cheyenne, Wyoming, big rodeo, bull riding – two page photo of man being thrown off a Brahma bull.
– Burt Lancaster does a bunch of gymnastic stunts on the double-bar.
– Dick Miles is Table Tennis King, ping pong.
– Doc Rogers, E. A. Rogers of Oakland was a pioneer news photographer, San Francisco earthquake and much some, includes a number of his famous photographs.
– Full page color General Electric coffee maker ad, looks like something the Jetsons would use!
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Where There’s a will.
– Movie Review of “The Bishop’s Wife.”
– Nellie Lutcher is a new singer and piano player, He’s a Real gone guy, Hurry on Down.
– Full page color 7up 7-up Fresh up ad, Fixin’s for a family day, family in kitchen preparing for Christmas dinner.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with skier Blanche Christian.