LOOK Magazine – December 31, 1963 – In Memory of JFK


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Night view of Christmas White House.

– Some of these issues have a publisher’s sticker “In Memory of John F. Kennedy” placed over the words “Christmas at the White House” on the front cover – some of the covers must have been printed before they decided to dedicate the issue to JFK.  Later in the print run the “In Memory of JFK” words were part of the cover, no sticker needed. The presence or absence of the sticker does not affect magazine content, though there is some regional variation in ads.
– Cute full page Bell Telephone ad with telephone installer Jim Phillips rescuing a lost little boy from the woods, true story.
– In memory of John F. Kennedy, by William Attwood.
– A Christmas message, written by Jackie Kennedy prior to the assassination of her husband.
– The story of the Presidents at Christmas, by Fletcher Knebel.
– Lyndon Johnson, trained for power, by Fletcher Knebel.
– Drug side effects, a new worry for doctors.
– Full page color mint green Frigidaire ad with unusual lower freezer that opens like an oven.
– They made our world, # 6, Saint Paul.
– How dated is your dinner jacket, with twins Jack and James Hendrix.
– Lots of hard liquor ads.
– Christmas in Wales, including great photos and recipes.
– “I’m only human” by baseball player Sandy Koufax, Dodgers pitcher.
– Cute kids fashions, includes two young blond twin girls, others.
– Cardinal Cushing of Boston, big feature.
– Fashions : Picasso print fabrics (regional page).
– Actress Daniela Bianchi, the second James Bond girl.
– Great full page color Camel cigarettes ad with mountain climber Barry Corbet with real rock climbing gear.