LOOK Magazine – December 30, 1969 – The 1960’s


Magazine Condition Choices :
Fair (Generally Good, but last few pages have some wear)


LOOK Magazine Cover : Scenes from the 1960s – Martin Luther King, Assassination of JFK, Psychedelic art, Micro skirts, Moon landing.

– Special issue : The Sixties, an unbelievable decade.
– Curious full page color Mercury Cyclone ad, the top of the car looks dirty!
– Unusual full page color Tareyton cigarettes ad with filter gift wrapped in a tiny box.
– Two page color Calvert Extra whiskey ad.
– A large number of letters to the editor about the “Getting out of Vietnam” article in LOOK Magazine November 18, 1969.
– Full page color Hiram Walker Cordials ad with gift boxes, Cr’me de Cacao, Cr’me de Menthe, Anisette, Blackberry Flavored brandy, Regional M page.
– Full page Mutual of New York MONY Life Insurance ad with cartoon art with Mr. Scrooge, art by Willard Mullin.
– The rise and fall of the House of Kennedy.
– Great two page spread photo of a pair of babies, one black, one white, A time of hope.
– The nonviolent civil rights movement, photo of blacks being hit with a fire hose in Birmingham and more.
– Pop art, Pop violence, Pop tragedy, includes photo of seven members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang and two motorcycles.
– Page and a half color close-up photo of part of the crowd at Woodstock.
– Two page color art by Norman Rockwell of astronauts stepping onto the moon.
– Eugene McCarthy tells how the young people revitalized America in the Sixties.
– A game to test your ten-year memory span : questions from the decade, answers given.
– The vigil of Mrs. Diana O’Grady, her husband is MIA in Vietnam, she still doesn’t know if he is dead or alive and a POW.
– Survival or Armageddon, halting the arms race.
– Neat full page color Bulova watch ad for the Oceanographer Snorkel.
– Children of the world, in color, no names but great photos.
– Godfrey Cambridge turns white, in the movie “The Night the Sun came out”, he acts in white-face.
– Full page ad for the Tom Harmon Sports Show on the American Information Radio Network.
– Toy Boy, David Hopkins gets to try out toys in a modern toy store, Regional M pages.
– Very curious two page color Beam’s Choice bourbon ad with leather bottles with artwork on them, Regional M pages.
– Mussels from Maine, photos and recipes.
– Quarterback Joe Kapp of the Minnesota Vikings.