LOOK Magazine – December 29, 1964 – Christmas for Kids


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Look Magazine Cover : Child looking at Christmas tree.

– What the Beatles have done to hair!
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Ann Foreman, Aldo Parisot, Stuart P. Evensen (Minnesota weather reporter).
– Swinging Prison Priest, Carl J. Breitfelle, Lorton Reformatory in Virginia.
– A new conservative manifesto.
– Why the New York Yankees fired Yogi Berra, baseball.
– Old coins worth millions, numismatists.
– Fashions : Pants for hostesses, Mrs. Whitney Ellsworth, Ivy Nicholson Palmer, Paula Mailman, Ivy Palmer, M pages.
– Two classic turkey stuffings, recipes.
– Photos, Christmas is for children, Laurel Hansen, Gregory Hansen.
– Mirtha Margarita Borras y Almanze was a girl spy against Castro, Cuba.
– Jackets with totem pole art.
– Sascha Morgenthaler and her dolls.
– Photo of Salvador Dali being suspended from a helicopter by his moustache.
– Christmas in Moscow.
– Luzi, polar bear cub, takes his first swim at the Basel zoo.