LOOK Magazine – December 29, 1953 – Jockey Shoemaker


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Bishop Sheen.

– Nice full page movie poster ad for “Miss Sadie Thompson” with Rita Hayworth in 3D.
– Two page General Electric ad with feature on Corry, Pennsylvania and business owned by Hubert  S. Vaughn and Camden C. Ruffner, plus Mayor J. Fred Kinley, Jerry Lynch, Steve Csencsics, Norman G. Tarbell, James Wells.
– Nice little photo and follow-up letter to the story about Don Boerner with muscular dystrophy (LOOK November 3, 1953).
– Harry Dexter White exercised tremendous influence on United States policy.
– Rondal and Elizabeth Partridge document with photos the birth of their fourth child Margaret.
– Swedish American Line’s new ship, the Kungsholm, goes on a Baltic sea test run.
– Christmas is for children, long piece.
– Movie review of “Prince Valiant” and “Knights of the Round Table.”
– New 3D movie Cease Fire about a patrol on the last day of the Korean war.
– Two page color Calvert Whiskey ad with nice art by Dormont, man in easy chair with his hound dog.
– Race horse jockey Willie Shoemaker.
– The boom in books about art.
– Funny, two different full page liquor ads featuring Egg Nog, Maraca Puerto Rican rum and Four Roses whiskey.
– Word games like Scrabble are a new American favorite.
– Fashions : white leopard print.
– Fourth annual LOOK television awards.
– Two page New York Life Insurance ad with agent Con Fecher and the family of Ralph and Teresa Guess near Dayton, Ohio.
– Ten-year-old Gayla Peevey sings “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”
– Football, even when played cleanly, can main or kill.
– Betty Betz throws a party for teenagers.