LOOK Magazine – December 28, 1954 – Rocky Graziano, part 3


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and two children – great photo!

– Annual Television awards, TV’s top stars and shows.
– Babies for sale, our last black market (adoption, teen pregnancies).
– Tammany Hall comes back; the white house next?, Carmine DeSapio, others.
– Another cute full page color Post Sugar Crisp cereal ad with the three bears.
– Full page color Gleem toothpaste GL-70 ad with mother and twin little daughters and in matching pink outfits with pink hats.
– One page of photos of Lucille Ball shopping for a dollhouse with her kids.
– The shah of Iran and his beautiful queen, Soraya.
– Miss America Lee Meriwether travels through South America.
– New Christmas lights, with samples.
– Guy Lombardo and his music.
– Christmas in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, includes Jennie Trein, Harriet Henry.
– WOW, striking two page bright movie poster ad for “Sign of the Pagan.”
– What is a congregationalist?, religion feature, includes Lebanon, Connecticut.
– Nice full page color Greyhound bus ad.
– Unusual full page color Oldsmobile ad with 98 car in burgundy and cream, landscape format.
– Our submarine service races against Russia, training, includes Dick Prahm, Jim Peirano.
– Excellent full page Chevrolet ad with yellow and white Bel Air 4 door and USAF fighter plane FW 757, art by Fred Ludekens.
– Rocky Graziano, Part 3 – the fight of my life, boxer – long piece.
– Fashion, What to wear by the Christmas fire, holiday, sparkly, sexy clothes.
– Fashion, Men’s winter jackets in white.
– Oklahoma City University basketball team takes up ballet to improve (Sally Dill, Tom Reeves) while University of Iowa basketball lifts weights (Doug Duncan, Bill Logan, Bill Schoof, Sharm Scheuerman).
– Movie review, 20,000 leagues under the sea.
– Neat landscape format Dodge ad, pink and white Custom Royal Lancer.
– Fudge for Christmas, receipes.