LOOK Magazine – December 25, 1956 – Lucy & Desi


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good



LOOK Magazine Cover : Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, and son, playing drums.

– A Christmas extra : St. Paul and Christianity.
– The 1956 All America Football team, lots of photos and some color.
– Interesting full page color Western Electric ad with huge switching board, art by Fred Freeman.
– Full page color Coldene ad, cold remedy.
– Cardinal Mindszenty tell how he was tortured, Russia, Budapest, Communists.
– Very pretty two page color Cadillac ad with pinkĀ  car and diamond jewelry by Harry Winston.
– Cartoonist William Steig and the new doll Pearl.
– Cooking with spirits, liquors, recipes.
– Fifth Avenue in New York at Christmastime, photo essay.
– Stop and go diets for the holidays.
– Holiday evening dresses in color, fashion.
– Norman Vincent Peale, what I learned from your questions.
– Beware of do-it-yourself psychiatry.
– Lovely feature article on Lucy and Desi and kids, lots of photos.
– Full page color Trix cereal ad with tree dropping fruit into bowl.
– John Matison is Santa Claus for 4 weeks each year, article includes other Santas and some cute little kids.
– Carroll Baker in “Baby Doll.”
– Sophia Loren, nice article.